6+ Cool Wooden Dog Beds for Australians

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If you found this article, I probably won’t have to tell you how hard it can be to find good-looking wooden dog beds in Australia. I mean, after all, we’re the country of overpriced, ugly wire crates – am I right?

So, I’ve done the research, and in this article I’ll share with you some of the coolest timber dog beds I’ve found that you can buy online.

I’ll start with Aussie options and then also show you some unique designs from overseas that can be shipped to Australia. 

Ready? Let’s go!

Australian options for wooden dog beds

Here are four great options for wooden dog beds from Aussie brands:

Coco the Couch by The Paws Room

This beautiful dog bed is designed to seamlessly blend into architecturally designed homes. It’s made from a unique birch ply laminated with clear melamine to provide an easy to clean surface.

6+ Cool Wooden Dog Beds for Australians The Paws Room Wooden Dog Bed
Image: The Paws Room | Available from $295 | Ships from Brisbane, Queensland

Loki Boy Lounge Pet Bed

The Loki Boy luxury day bed for dogs is designed and made in Western Australia by local craftsmen using furniture-grade materials.

Large wooden dog bed
Image: Loki Boy | Available from $1,495 | Ships from Perth, Western Australia

Industrial Style Timber Dog Bed

This stylish modern timber dog bed will look great in every home. It’s available in multiple sizes and can be left as natural pine colour or stained in a choice of different stains.

6+ Cool Wooden Dog Beds for Australians
Image: UrbanTailsPetBtq | Available from $375 | Ships from Victoria

Minimalist Wooden Dog Bed

Made from Tasmanian Oak, this comfortable and stylish wooden dog bed will be a great addition to the interior of your home.

6+ Cool Wooden Dog Beds for Australians
Image: iWoodDesignAU | Available from $719 | Ships from Brisbane, Queensland

International options for wooden dog beds

If you don’t mind ordering from overseas, check out Etsy for lots of different styles of wooden dog beds. We’ve listed our absolute favourite designs below.

Here’s a link to Etsy with a filter to show all available timber dog beds that ship to Australia.

DIY Wooden Dog Crate Kennel Furniture

Make your own wooden dog kennel with one of these instant download plans (different sizes and styles available, prices start at $7.73).

Plan design to make your own wooden dog kennel
Image: DaileyWoodWorks

Timber Dog Bed with Removable Mattress

This cute, hand-made wooden dog bed with removable mattress ships to Australia from Moldavia.

6+ Cool Wooden Dog Beds for Australians
Image: TopDogIdeas | Available from $145.55 | Ships to Australia from Moldavia

Large Wooden Dog Bed with matching Feeding Station

This awesome set of a matching dog bed and wooden feeding station is available in sizes XS (for miniature dog breeds) – XXL (largest dog breeds) to guarantee a great fit for all dogs. The high-quality plywood can be personalised to include your dog’s name.

The set ships from Moldavia and is available from $202 plus shipping.

6+ Cool Wooden Dog Beds for Australians
Image by TopDogIdeas

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Decision paralysis. We get it. Here are some further considerations that may be helpful to you:

1. DIY Dog Beds

You can make your own dog bed with this step-by-step tutorial from Bunnings: How to make a DIY dog bed

2. Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace

You might get lucky and find hand-made timber dog beds and wooden crates in your local area.

3. Rattan Dog beds

If you like the style of wooden dog beds, you might also want to consider rattan dog beds.

4. Dog Crate Furniture

Integrate your dog’s bed into an entire new piece of furniture for your home, with a beautiful piece of custom-made dog crate furniture.



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