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The favourite dog-friendly products of the #DogsOfAustralia community

From Australian-made dog life jackets to dog crates that are also a beautiful piece of furniture – there’s something for everyone in our pawsome community features.ย ย 

What We Bark About What Rubi Star Barks About4

What Rubi Star Barks About

Rubi is a 3 year old red miniature dachshund who loves squeaky toys and walks. We love using Instagram to show people our beautiful City of Adelaide and also support small businesses. Rubi is a

What We Bark About What Mako About 2

What Mako Barks About

Mako is a 2 year old Rottweiler from Western Australia who just loves life. His favourite things to do are swimming in the beach or pool, and his favourite foods are watermelon, carrots, and also

What We Bark About WhatWeBarkAbout 5

What They Bark About

In this article, Romeo, Bane, Milo, and Indie and Emma bark about their favourites, including Biothane gear, Aussie-sourced treats, a tough rubber footie, and Doglato snacks!

What We Bark About What Tilly Barks About

What Tilly Barks About

Tilly is a 1 year old toy cavoodle from Brisbane. She loves her toys and to steal socks. Tilly is also a fan of getting belly pats from strangers in the street! She is frequently

What We Bark About What Simba Barks About 81

What Simba Barks About

Simba is a 1 year old cavoodle living his best life in Melbourne. When he’s not spending his time making reels or running his businesses, you’ll find him scavenging for socks or doing his best

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