Image Credits

At Dogs of Australia, we take copyright and image credits serious. If you would like us to remove your image from our website, please contact us and we’ll get on top of it in no time!

How we provide image credits

We credit the original source through captions below the image or by embedding directly from an external source (such as Instagram). Sometimes this is not possible, for example in some banners and hero images. We’ll outline these below.


  • Natural Dog Food & Treats – Image Source: Adobe Stock
  • How to keep your dog entertained during a Pandemic – Image Source: Adobe Stockย 
  • Fashionable Leashes for your Dog – Image Source: Herzog

Product Images

  • All product images throughout our website are sublicensed for advertising purposes from the respective business who is the original owner.ย 


About Us

  • Instagram Feed: Embedded Live Feed of the #DogsOfAustralia Hashtag – you can click on the image and you’ll be directed to the original image source.ย 

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