Hi, Adelaide 👋

Discover the best dog-friendly activities around Adelaide, South Australia.

From local cafes that serve Puppuccinos, to weekend activities and Staycation ideas – there’s something for everyone in beautiful SA.  

Explore dog-friendly cafes around Adelaide

Here’s the thing about cafes and dogs in Adelaide: We love to bring our pups along for a cuppa, but this thing called the State Food Act can make it a bit difficult sometimes.

The State Food Act makes it illegal to allow animals that are not assistance animals inside food premises. Like, period. No exceptions. It’s not up to the business owner, it’s law. So, what we call a dog-friendly cafe, is when the business owner allows dogs in the outdoor dining areas.

Luckily, there are lots of great cafes around Adelaide that are welcoming to dogs. 

Have a Staycation with your dog 😎

Take your dog for a swim to a dog-friendly beach near Adelaide or throw them a party!