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Discover the best dog-friendly activities around Perth, Western Australia.

From local cafes that serve Puppuccinos, to weekend activities and Staycation ideas – there’s something for everyone in beautiful WA.  

Explore ALL the dog-friendly cafes in Perth

Here’s the thing about cafes and dogs in Perth: We love to bring our dogs along for a cuppa, but this thing called the State Food Act can make it a bit difficult sometimes.

The State Food Act makes it illegal to allow animals that are not assistance animals inside food premises. Like, period. No exceptions. It’s not up to the business owner, it’s law. So, what we call a dog-friendly cafe, is when the business owner allows dogs in the outdoor dining areas.

Luckily, we’re blessed with warm weather in Perth, so there are lots of great dog-friendly cafes where we can enjoy the outdoor area with our furry friends. We listed as many as we could find in the post below, to make sure you can easily find a dog-friendly cafe in Perth near your home.

Have a Staycation with your dog 😎

When you love your dog but live in an isolated city such as Perth, you gotta get creative to plan for a holiday where you can bring your dog along.

The good news is that with the cluster of urban villages surrounding the Perth CBD, there are lots of mini-vacations we can plan for, without having to travel far. 

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Plan a party for your dog 🎉

Can you believe in the past people didn’t throw a birthday party for their dogs? Or at least got them a special treat on the day? Lucky those days are over. If one party isn’t enough for you we have good news too – you can celebrate both your dogs birthday and their Gotcha Day (in other words, the day you brought your dog home).