The Spit Dog Beach: Everything You Need To Know

The Spit Dog Beach is located a little up the coast from Main Beach on the Gold Coast. It’s one of just a few dog-friendly beaches in the area, and the locals love it for the freedom their furry friends have to run around and play off-leash.

What’s good about The Spit Dog Beach?

  • Brilliant place to take your dog for some exercise and play
  • Very clean considering that it’s a dog beach
  • Lovely spot to watch the sunset
  • A few small walks and rock holes to explore
  • The council have put in dog bowls, water houses to wash down your dog and clean toilets

What’s not so good about The Spit Dog Beach?

  • The area can get busy quickly, especially on weekends

#DogsOfAustralia at The Spit Dog Beach

What should you bring to the beach with you?

Hereโ€™s a list of items that you might want to consider packing for a day at the dog beach:

โ€“ Towel and water bowl for your pup

โ€“ Poop bags

โ€“ Sunscreen and sunhat

โ€“ Snacks

โ€“ A leash

โ€“ Treats to reward good behaviour

โ€“ A towel or mat to sit on

โ€“ Water bottle for yourself

โ€“ A ball or frisbee for some fetching fun

What’s next?

After a great morning at the Spit dog beach, why not check out some of the other dog-friendly beaches around the Gold Coast?

Palm Beach and Tallebudgera are also popular spots for dogs to have some beach fun. And donโ€™t forget about all the amazing walking trails and parks where dogs are allowed โ€“ there are so many options for you and your pup to explore the incredible outdoors of South East Queensland.

And if you feel like a more relaxing activity, you can always spoil your dog with a Puppuccino from one of the many dog-friendly cafes around the Gold Coast. Happy adventuring!




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