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3+ Cool Puppy Play Pen Ideas

3+ Cool Puppy Play Pen Ideas

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We all love puppies but they do get themselves into trouble a lot when we don’t monitor them.

That’s why many dog parents swear by puppy play pens. They’re a safe enclosure that helps to minimise the risk of:

  • Puppies hurting themselves
  • Puppies urinating in places where they shouldn’t
  • Puppies chewing on items that they shouldn’t be chewing on
  • Puppies wandering off to somewhere where they shouldn’t go to
  • Children not giving your puppy enough space to rest and sleep

In this article, we’ll show you popular types of puppy play pens and discuss frequently asked questions. Let’s get started.

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Where to get a puppy play pen in Australia

You can get a puppy play pen from retail pet shops, online shops, or you can buy one second hand from gumtree or local facebook groups.

Here are the three main types of puppy pens you can get:

  • Standard Wire Puppy Pens
  • Soft Puppy Pens
  • Designer Puppy Play Pens

Standard Wire Puppy Play Pen

Image by i.Pet
  • Made from rust-resistant and durable powder-coated steel frames
  • Can be easily configured to suit different areas
  • Available in different designs and sizes
  • From $50.90. See on Amazon

Soft Fabric Puppy Play Pen

Image by Zampa Store
  • Made from durable high-quality & water-resistant materials
  • Top can be enclosed to keep adventurous puppies inside the play pen
  • No assembly required – pops up in a few seconds
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • From $44.99. See on Amazon

Designer Puppy Play Pen

Image by OriginalDogFurniture
  • Available in different sizes, colors and patterns
  • Ships from overseas
  • From $538.95. See on Etsy

Are Puppy Pens A Good Idea?

Yes in most circumstances it’s a good idea to have a puppy pen.

Many new dog parents underestimate the challenges of raising a puppy.

In that sense, puppies can be compared to human babies – they need time and commitment to grow into healthy adults.

While young, especially when you only just brought a new puppy home, they need a lot of supervision to not get themselves into trouble.

A puppy play pen is a safe area to keep your puppy without having to constantly monitor them.

It can also help with toilet-training, whether you decide to use puppy pee pads or have the time and space to always take your puppy outside when they need to go potty.

Is A Puppy Pen Better Than A Crate?

Ultimately it depends on your dog and personal circumstances, but many dog owners decide to have both – a puppy play pen and a crate. They use them for different purposes, and the crate is often located inside the pen.

With a set-up like this, there’s often enough room to set up a toilet area for your puppy with pee pads, an eating area, a play area, and a sleeping area with a dog bed inside the crate.

What Goes Into A Puppy Pen?

If your puppy spends a lot of time in their pen, you may want to consider setting up seperate toilet, eating, sleeping, and play areas.

Puppy Pee Pads

Depending on your circumstances, you might decide to use pee pads to toilet train your puppy.

There are many types of puppy pee pads available, and we wrote an entire article on the topic if you’re interested to learn more.

We really like the real grass pee pads, but you can also get single-use pads, artificial grass pads, or reusable puppy pads.

From $39 on Amazon

Eating Bowls

There are lots of different types of eating bowls you can get for your puppy. From classic stainless steel bowls, to slow-eating bowls, to luxury dog bowls – there’s something for everyone.

Puppy Toys

When you set up a play area, make sure the toys you provide are safe for puppies, and always monitor your puppy when they play to prevent accidents. If a toy is broken, remove it to reduce choking hazards.

Because of their growing teeth, chew toys are often highly recommended for puppies – think rope toys and food dispensing rubber toys (Kong has a range with toys specifically for puppies).

From $14.79 on Amazon

Puppy Bed

There are different types of beds you can get to provide your puppy with a dedicated sleeping area.

Depending on the breed of your puppy, you may not want to buy an expensive dog bed straight away, as there’s a good chance that your puppy will outgrow it very quickly.

Here are our articles about dog beds:

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