Where To Find Dog Cakes In Adelaide: A Guide For Dog Owners

You love your dog and you want to celebrate their birthday with a delicious cake, but where can you buy dog cakes in Adelaide?

Adelaide is a great city for dog lovers. Not only are there plenty of places to take your furry friend (including dog-friendly cafes and off-leash dog beaches), but there are also plenty of businesses that cater specifically to dogs. Which is great, because everyone loves cakes but not all of us love baking them.

So, in this article, we’ll share with you some great places to find dog cakes in Adelaide. To learn more about the business or to place an order, you can click through to their Instagram account. From there, you can use their preferred contact/order method.

Ready? Let’s dig right in!

White Tail Dog Patisserie

If you’re looking for a dog birthday cake, you have to check out the cakes from White Tail Dog Patisserie. Their dog cakes are SO beautifully made, you’ll fight your pup for the first slice!

The Woofery

Next up we have The Woofery, who sell wholesome cakes and pupcakes for dogs.

Scruffies Pet Shop

At Scruffies Pet Shop you’ll find an amazing range of products for dogs, including dog birthday cakes and pupcakes.

Brown dog bakery

Spoil your pup with a Barkday box or mini Barkday rice cake from Brown dog bakery.

Veggie Paws

Admittedly not cake related, but a special mention needs to go out to Veggie Paws, who make the cutest gourmet dog treats. I think they’d make a great birthday treat if you’re out of time to organise a dog cake!



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