What does a Border Collie x Poodle look like?

Border Collie x Poodle mixes, also known as Borderdoodles, are a hybrid breed that can have a wide range of physical appearance, as the traits they inherit from their parents can vary. However, they generally have a medium-sized build with a curly or wavy coat, which can come in a variety of colours.

It is important to note that each Borderdoodle is unique and may not necessarily resemble the typical appearance described above. The best way to determine a Borderdoodle’s physical appearance is to meet one in person or to look at photographs of previous litters from the same parents.

Let’s look at some of the pawsome Bordoodles that have tagged us over at #dogsofaustralia:

Frequently asked questions about Bordoodles

Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about this mixed dog breed.

How big does a Border Collie x Poodle grow?

Bordoodles, being a crossbreed between a Border Collie and a Poodle, can grow to a height of approximately 43 to 56 cm (17 to 22 inches) and can weigh anywhere between 9 to 30 kg (20 to 66 pounds) at maturity. It’s important to note that the size of a Bordoodle can vary greatly depending on which parent breed they take after more, and whether they have a miniature or standard Poodle in their genetic makeup.

How much does a Border Collie x Poodle cost?

The cost of a Border Collie Poodle Mix (Bordoodle) will depend on several factors such as the breeder’s location, their reputation, the dog’s age, and whether it is a pet-quality or show-quality dog. On average, a Bordoodle can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500.

However, some breeders may charge more for high-quality dogs with champion bloodlines. It’s important to thoroughly research breeders and their breeding practices before making a purchase, and to make sure that you are comfortable with the price and the conditions in which the dogs are being raised.

border collie running with a poodle
Image: Canva Pro

Do Bordoodles bark a lot?

Bordoodles, being a hybrid of Border Collie and Poodle, can exhibit varying levels of barking tendencies. Some may bark a lot, while others may bark very little. It depends on the individual dog’s personality and temperament, as well as their breed traits. However, Poodles are known to be less prone to excessive barking, while Border Collies are known to be more vocal.

Are Bordoodles good pets?

Bordoodles are a mixed breed designer dog breed that has gained popularity in recent years due to their unique combination of traits from both parent breeds. They are known to be intelligent dogs, energetic, and affectionate, making them great pets for families who can provide them with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

However, as with any breed, it is important to consider the specific needs and characteristics of the breed when deciding if they are the right fit for your household. It is recommended to research the breed and speak to breeders, pet owners, veterinarians, and professional trainers to gain a better understanding of what it takes to care for this hybrid dog breed.

Are Bordoodles easy to train?

The training difficulty of a Bordoodle can vary depending on the individual dog’s personality and learning style. However, Bordoodles are known for being highly intelligent and eager to please, which can make them relatively easy to train, provided that you know what you’re doing (speaking from experience, there is a legitimate risk that your dog may outsmart you).

What are the negatives about Bordoodles?

Bordoodles, like any breed or cross breed, have both positive and negative traits to consider before bringing one into your home as a pet. Some of the negative traits of Bordoodles include:

  • They can require a lot of mental and physical exercise, as they are a high-energy mixed breed.
  • They can be prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia, that are common in both the Border Collie and Poodle breeds
  • They may have a tendency to shed, although this can vary depending on the coat type they inherit from their parents (the poodle is known as a hypoallergenic dog, but it’s not guaranteed that you get this trait in a mixed breed dog)
  • Training a Bordoodle can be challenging, as they can be stubborn and highly intelligent, so it’s important to be consistent and patient with them.

It’s important to research and understand the breed and any potential negatives before making the decision to bring a Bordoodle into your home.

Are Bordoodles aggresive?

Bordoodles, like all dogs, can display aggressive behaviour, but it’s not a common trait in the breed. Aggression in dogs can be due to various factors such as fear, insecurity, lack of socialisation, or a genetic predisposition. However, with proper training and socialisation, most Bordoodles can become well-behaved and friendly pets.

It’s important to note that every dog is an individual and their behaviour can be influenced by a variety of factors, including their environment, genetics, and experiences. If you have concerns about your Bordoodle’s behaviour, it’s best to consult with a qualified veterinarian or professional dog trainer.

How smart are Bordoodles?

Bordoodles, also known as Border Collie Poodle mixes, are often considered to be highly intelligent dogs. This is due to their parent breeds, Border Collies and Poodles, both being known for their high levels of intelligence and trainability.

Two young dogs
Image: Canva Pro

Is a Bordoodle a high maintenance dog?

Well, it depends on who you compare them to, but generally speaking, yes, they are high maintenance dogs.

To ensure that your Bordoodle remains healthy and happy, it’s important to provide them with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, as well as regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition. Additionally, it’s important to keep up with their training and socialisation, as these activities help to keep them mentally stimulated and well-behaved.

If you’re considering getting a Bordoodle, it’s important to understand that they can be a lot of work, but they are also incredibly loving and loyal pets that will bring joy and companionship to your life.

Do Border Collie x Poodle dogs shed?

They can have different levels of shedding depending on their individual genetics. Poodles are considered hypoallergenic and do not shed much, while Border Collies are known to shed moderately. As a hybrid breed, Bordoodles can have varying levels of shedding, with some having more of the Poodle coat traits and shedding less, and others having more Border Collie coat traits and shedding more.



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