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Where To Get Dog Agility Equipment

Where To Get Dog Agility Equipment

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Ok here’s what this article is about. I’m not a professional dog trainer, but I would like to get into agility with my dog as a hobby. I don’t have any current plans to compete and no local clubs I could join. I do have a bit of space in our backyard, so I was hoping to buy some dog agility equipment for home-use.

When I looked into it, I found it surprisingly difficult to find dog agility training equipment in Australia. I suppose if you do agility professionally, it’d be best to ask around in your local club for recommendations on where to get equipment.

For a novice like me, I just wanted to buy some parts online, but I couldn’t find many online retailers that I was comfortable buying from.

Most websites I came across looked outdated and/or had no security certificates which makes me uncomfortable when it comes to making purchases online.

So, in this article, I’ll share with you the few options I found where we can buy dog agility training equipment either shipped from within Australia, or from overseas with the option of having it shipped to Australia.

If you know of a small Australian businesses that sells dog agility training equipment, please let us know so that we can update this article – thank you!

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What Equipment is used in Dog Agility?

Equipment for dog agility typically consists of multiple obstacles, such as tunnels, dog walks, weave poles and jumps. If you’re new to agility like me, you might want to purchase an agility set with multiple different obstacles rather than buying items separately.

Agility Set

Image by Outward Hound

Here’s an agility set with 3 different obstacles for under $100, excluding shipping to Australia from the UK. They seem to sometimes have stock available to be shipped from within Australia, so double-check the options available to you at the check-out!

Agility Book

Image by Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertilsson

This book is a great introduction to Agility as it’s easy to understand and breaks everything down into small pieces. I couldn’t find a local supplier for the book, so would recommend to either check with your local book shop or to buy the Kindle edition through the link below. 

Long Tunnel

Image by Trixie

This tunnel is a bit more of an investment at $300 including free delivery. It’s a great choice for larger dog breeds as it is spacious and includes securing poles. If you have a small dog, you can also try a children play tunnel as a cheaper alternative 🙂

Indoor Agility Set

Image by Outward Hound

They seem to sell out a lot (I can see why) but sometimes you can get this indoor agility set for around $60 + $20 for shipping from the US.

Agility Poles

Image by Rosewood

At the time of writing, these agility poles sold for $42.95 including free shipping from Australia.

Weave Poles

Image by Cool Runners

These weave poles typically need to be imported from the US, but on the flip side they’re a lot more sturdy than the cheaper Australian option.

Lastly, I recently learned that you can also find some dog agility equipment on Catch.com.au. I can’t speak for their quality as I haven’t bought any equipment from there, but here’s a link to all their dog agility products if you want to have a look yourself to see if something may suit you: Dog Agility Products

How do you make Dog Agility Equipment?

Another option is to DIY your dog agility equipment which can be a great choice due to limited options to buy equipment in Australia. There’s lots of helpful YouTube videos on the topic. 

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