7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians

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So, dog pyjamas are a thing now but this article will only showcase human pyjamas with dog prints.

Before we get into it, we do want to also discuss dog pyjamas for a moment.

Like, the ones for dogs, not the ones for humans.

There’s no denying that a dog dressed up in a pyjama is the cutest thing ever, but it’s important to consider how our dogs are feeling when we dress them up.

Especially in Australia, where in many places it never gets extremely cold, wearing a pyjama (or any other type of clothing) may not be appropriate for our dogs. It could be, but it may not be, hence why it’s important to assess the well-being of *your* dog.

After all, dogs regulate heat differently than humans, and with their cute paws but lack of long fingers, they can’t easily get out of a pyjama when they get too hot.

If you have a small dog, or a dog with a low body fat percentage, such as Greyhounds, and you notice they get cold at night, a dog pyjama may work really well for you to keep your dog comfortable at night.

If your dog however wants to escape when you pull the pyjama out, they may not enjoy wearing it and it’s better to leave it at that, rather than to force them to wear a pyjama.

In any case, if you’re thinking about dressing your dog up but are unsure about it, it’s best to seek advice from someone who knows you and your dog. For example, this could be your dog trainer, your vet, or possibly your breeder or the rescue organisation you got your dog from.

Following that, make a well-educated decision to do what’s best for you and your pup, and enjoy the great moments you have with each other!

Here’s some more reading on the topic if you’re interested:

And now, let’s look at some super cute pyjamas for humans with dog prints!

Dog Print Pyjamas

Dachshund Flannelette Pyjamas

7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians
Image by IsobelLane

This cute handmade pyjama ships from Queensland.

Dachshund Cotton Shorts

7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians
Image by IsobelLane

If you’re looking for something for warmer nights, these 100% cotton jersey shorts are handmade and ship from QLD too.

Lilac Sausage Dog Set

7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians 21632382 1 lilac?$XXL$&wid=513&fit=constrain
Image by Asos

This cute set is selling fast on Asos.com

Frenchie Long Sleeve Pajama

7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians NMI217Y mu
Image by Neiman Marcus

We found this cute Long-Sleeve Pyjama with a Frenchie print on Neiman Marcus.

Custom Dog Photo Pyjama

7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians
Image by ZenAndZestful

If you’re after something unique, check out these custom dog photo pyjamas. Ships to Australia from the US.

Dog Mom Pyjama

7+ Cute Dog Pyjama Ideas For Australians
Image by HeyYouLove

This Dog Mom Pyjama Set ships to Australia from New Jersey.



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