Outdoor Dog Run: Why + Where to Buy (4+ Ideas)

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Outdoor dog runs can be a bit like crates, a controversial topic. They aren’t themselves cruel but like anything it depends on how they are used.

The important factor here is that the dog gets enough mental and physical stimulation, as well as time with the family when they’re not in the dog run. 

In any case, if you’re looking into dog runs because you’re overwhelmed and struggling with behavioural issues, it’s best to discuss your problems with your vet or a qualified dog trainer.

Your dog may suffer from an underlying health condition or just needs a different training approach rather than an outdoor dog run.  

That said, in this article, we’ll discuss why people use dog runs, what’s important to consider when setting one up, and where you can buy a dog run online in Australia.

Why do people use dog runs?

Dog runs are often used by dog parents who can’t leave their dog(s) alone inside the house for a variety of reasons.

It may be that they have two dogs who don’t get along great with each other when left alone. 

Or the polar opposite – they have two dogs who get along so well with each other that they would destroy the house while playing all day. 

Some people have a single dog that can’t be left to roam free alone in the house, and they may choose to give them more space in a dog run rather than crating them. 

It may be required by someone’s council that they have a dog run. 

There really are lots of reasons why someone may opt for them. And a lot of the time a well exercised dog who enjoys being outside and spends enough quality time with their family will do ok in a dog run.

Some will not, and that’s ok too. There’ll be something more suitable you can do instead, it’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.

Outside Dog Run Considerations

When setting up a dog run outside, these are the key considerations to think about other than which one to buy:

  • Greater risk of theft as opposed to keeping the dog inside the house
  • Smaller risk of theft as opposed to letting the dog roam free while outside alone
  • More exposed to noises which may make some dogs nervous
  • Higher risk of barking which may upset neighbours
  • More exposed to the weather 

Dog Run Ideas

Below we’ll share with you different-sized dog runs that you can purchase online in Australia.

Large Outdoor Dog Run With Cover

Outdoor Dog Run: Why + Where to Buy (4+ Ideas) 81tBXOW L2L. AC SL1500
Image: Royal Pets | Available from $249

This steel outdoor dog run is designed to keep your dog safe with a bonus durable roof cover that protects from sun, rain, and snow.

Small Encoled Dog Run (193x133x163cm)

Outdoor Dog Run: Why + Where to Buy (4+ Ideas) 61 7IZAGZqL. AC SL1024
Image: vidaXL | Available from $413.99

A smaller dog run made from zinc steel to help prevent accidents while enabling ventilation.

Puppy Play Pen (least expensive)

Outdoor Dog Run: Why + Where to Buy (4+ Ideas) 71DgdKhX5TL. AC SL1500
Image: i.Pet | Available from $50

If you’re just after something affordable that you can use for a few months when bringing a new puppy home, this puppy play pen could be a great fit for you.

Check out our article about puppy play pens for ideas on how to set them up.



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