Dog Ramp For Cars: How To Find The Best One

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Confused about how to find the best dog ramp for cars? You’re not alone. There are lots of different types to choose from, and they can be quite expensive, so you want to make sure that you pick the right dog ramp for your car.

In short, a good-quality telescoping dog ramp is probably your best buy. But we’ll take a closer look at literally everything you could possibly consider when it comes to finding the right dog ramp for cars in this article. So keep reading if you want to really geek out on the topic, however, if you’re after a quick and easy solution, try a telescoping car ramp for dogs!

Why pick a telescoping dog ramp for cars

A good-quality telescoping dog ramp for cars is typically made from durable aluminium, it has a non-slip surface, and you’ll be able to customise its length, which means you can make it fit for most types of cars and utes! Telescoping dog ramps for cars also tend to have a higher weight capacity than most other types of dog ramps, so they’re perfect if your dog is on the heavier side. Plus, they’re really easy to set up and use โ€“ just extend the ramp, place it in front of your car, and let your dog walk on it.

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Image: PetSafe Store | Available from $196

What other dog ramps for cars are there?

Other than telescoping dog ramps, you can find standard dog ramps and foldable dog ramps. With those types, you won’t be able to customise the length as well, and they’re typically harder to store and set up. In addition, these types of dog ramps are frequently made from plastic, which makes them a less durable choice.

Why do dogs need a car ramp?

There are many benefits of using a dog ramp for cars. Here are two of the most important ones:

  • They help protect your dog from injuries by minimising stress and strain on your dog’s body
  • A dog ramp for cars can help small dogs to be more independent

In other words, jumping into cars places a heavy load on the hind legs of your dog and causes pain in the knees, hips, or back. Large and heavy dogs, in particular, can suffer from this, which is the reason why preventative actions are often recommended for large breeds.

Your dog might appear to have no problems jumping in and out of cars for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that this behavior won’t end up injuring your dog in the long run. At the latest, when you notice that your dog starts to hesitate before jumping, you should consider having a chat with your regular vet to discuss the possibility of getting a dog ramp to help protect your dog from pain and potential injuries.

What else is important to factor in when looking for a dog ramp for cars?

The most important considerations to factor in when looking for a dog ramp for cars are:


The dog ramp must be able to withstand the weight of your dog, so you want to make sure that your dog’s weight is within the specified load limit for the dog ramp.


The ratio of the height of your trunk to the length of the ramp should be an important consideration too. Without getting too technical – this determines the entry angle that your dog will need to overcome.

In a nutshell: the shorter the ramp, the higher the entry angle; or the longer the ramp, the lower the entry angle.


Most ramps for dogs are between 30 and 45cm wide. When buying a dog ramp, you want to make sure that the width is reasonably big so that your dog is stable while walking on the ramp.

Folding and telescopic function

Some ramps can be folded, others are telescopically pushed together. Also, make sure that there is enough storage space in your car so that you can easily transport the dog ramp when itโ€™s not in use.


Dog ramps for cars are typically made from plastic and/or aluminium with a non-slip surface.



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