What Simba Barks About

We went on a mission to discover the favourite products of Aussie dogs. In this article, Simba from Melbourne barks about his favourites including a de-matter brush, long-lasting chew, and a premium car booster seat that lets him snooze in soft, cloudy comfort.

Find Simba’s author bio at the end of this article and click through to his Instagram account to follow his adventures as the Chief Puppy Officer of @simboodle.thelabel.

Premium Dog Booster Seat from Modern Pets

As my Dad is from the capital, we sometimes have to make the long 6-hour drive from Melbourne to Canberra.

Whilst I like riding shotgun on my mum’s lap, the Premium Dog Booster Seat from Modern Pets lets me snooze in soft, cloudy comfort whilst looking pretty luxe.

I saw a bunch of my friends have this in their car so I knew I had to get my paws on it.

Wahl Soft Grip De-matter Brush

Even though my hair isn’t super curly, mats still seem to appear since I’m not a huge fan of brush time.

We won a giveaway from Wahl and one of the items we were fortunate enough to be gifted was the Wahl Soft Grip De-matter brush which slices through mats as fast as I eat my treatos.

It used to take ages to brush out mats but the time is literally cut down by more than half. All the other prizes in the pack were also great but the de-matter brush is defs Mum’s fav.

Laila & Me’s Long-lasting Chew

A lot of my day is spent waiting for mum and dad to get off work so I love working my jaw and teeth on one of Laila and Me’s long-lasting chew.

The gummy shark tail and natural cow skin chew are my top two favs and last extra long.

I also love their extra thick bully sticks and nag my mum to get them when they’re in stock.

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