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What’s The Best Jack Russell Harness?

What’s The Best Jack Russell Harness?

Jack russell wearing a harness and running in a dog park

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When it comes to finding the best Jack Russell harness, it’s more important to pick the right design than it is to buy a particular brand.

To put it simply, a dog’s shoulder has a wide range of movement, which should not be restricted by a harness. Because of this, it’s recommended that dogs wear ‘Y’-shaped harnesses, rather than the ones that have a straight bar across the dog’s chest.

That said, even amongst the same breed, all dogs are different in their size and proportions, so if you’re unsure on what’s best, you can look for a professional harness fitting near you – this is a service that’s sometimes offered by vets and qualified dog trainers.

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What’s important when looking for a Jack Russell harness?

When looking for a harness for your Jack Russell, you want to pay attention to the following:

  • The right design
  • Good quality stitching
  • Sturdy material
  • Good fit (size) for your dog

So, in other words, you want a harness that’s well-designed with good quality stitching, made from a sturdy material and available in a size that fits your Jack Russell Terrier.

The harness pictured below has the recommended Y-shape design. It’s made from a sturdy material with good quality stitching, and has leash-attachment rings both on the top and front, so that it can be used as both a regular harness and a so called no pull harness.

Image: Ruffwear | Available from $75

What’s the right size for a Jack Russell harness?

The truth is that sizing varies across different brands, and even a standard size small can sometimes be a bad fit for a Jack Russell harness. Because of this, you really want to measure your dog rather than just picking a size that should be a good fit.

So, grab a measuring tape and write down your dog’s dimensions. Once you have those, you can start looking at different types of harnesses. All good brands will include a sizing chart, so make sure to cross-reference it with your notes before you make a purchase.

Types of harnesses for Jack Russell Terrier

Here are the two most popular types of harnesses for Jack Russels:

Is a collar or a harness better for a Jack Russell?

Your Jack Russell Terrier can wear a collar or a harness, but it’s important that your dog is trained to not pull on the leash.

If your Jack Russell pulls on the leash, you’re facing the following problems:

  • A harness can actually promote pulling and make the behaviour worse
  • A collar will cause breathing issues to your dog if they pull while attached to a leash, which at worst case, can result in medical issues

For leash-trained dogs, the main reason many dog owners choose a harness over a collar is to add an extra layer of safety and comfort when they take their dogs out. For example, if you need to quickly pull your dog away from something (think another dog, or a bicycle, …) it’s nicer for the dog to be pulled away while wearing a harness, rather than being dragged away on a collar.

If you’re struggling to teach your dog how to walk on a loose leash, it’s best to seek help from a qualified dog trainer. You can ask your regular vet if they can recommend a good trainer near you.

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