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Are Perfect Fit Harnesses Good? (2021 Review)

Are Perfect Fit Harnesses Good? (2021 Review)

Dog in training wearing a perfect fit harness

The Perfect Fit Harness is recommended by many vets and dog trainers in Australia, and we personally enjoy using it.

In fact, it’s often sold through local vets which means that when you buy it, the harness can be fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing.

It’s a modular dog harness, so the idea is that if your dog outgrows it, you just buy the bigger module that you need rather than a whole new harness.

The harness isn’t cheap, but for us it was worth it, because we kept on buying cheaper harnesses that weren’t a good fit before, and that adds up too. 

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What’s good about The Perfect Fit Harness

  1. Soft fleece padding that’s comfortable for your dog and machine-washable
  2. Front- and back-attaching D-ring, which turns it into a “No-pull Harness” for leash training.
  3. All modules can be unclipped, which means you don’t have to pull it over your dog’s head if your dog doesn’t like it
  4. Thanks to the modular design you can truly find the perfect fit for your dog, and with a harness that’s a snug and comfortable fit, you can significantly reduce the risk of your dog wiggling out of it.

What’s not so good about The Perfect Fit Harness

  1. It can be hard to find a local stockist, and it’s confusing to buy online as it’s easy to get confused with all the different modules
  2. It’s not cheap. If you have a bigger dog, or if you buy the matching leash too, you can easily end up paying over $100 for it
  3. It takes a bit of effort to keep it clean if you have a long-haired dog, as the hair stick to the fleece easily
  4. There’s a learning curve when you start using it, as it takes some time to familiarise yourself with all the buckles of the different modules

Soft fleece padding & machine-washable

Can be used as a "No Pull" training harness

No need to put on over your dog's head if they don't like it

Modular design makes it easy to find the perfect fit


Hard to find a local stockist & buying online can be confusing due to different modules

Price can be prohibitive

Hair get stuck easily on fleece

Takes a bit of time to learn how to put it on correctly

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