Leighton Dog Beach: Everything You Need To Know

Leighton dog beach is part of the City of Fremantle and dogs are permitted in designated areas on this beach. It’s a popular spot for dog owners because it’s a nice long stretch of beach which makes it perfect for an outing with your pup.

But let me warn you, it’s not just dogs that enjoy Leighton beach. If you and your furry friend decide to visit, be prepared to share the sand with some local kitesurfers.

Don’t worry though, we’re all used to sharing the beach with each other, but please make sure that your dog doesn’t try to run after them!

So pack up the doggy bags and head on over to Leighton beach for a fun day in the sun with your furry companion. Just remember to follow all the rules and regulations to keep the beach a pleasant environment for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s good about Leighton Dog Beach?

  • Amazing place to watch the sunset with your dog
  • Beautiful spot to walk along the coast with your dog
  • It’s a very clean beach and doesn’t usually get too crowded outside the usual busy times
  • No rocks or seaweed
  • Outside showers near the car park
  • There’s a great dog-friendly cafe that’s called ‘The Wooden Wagon’ nearby

What’s not so good about Leighton Dog Beach?

  • Parking can be difficult during busy times
  • Water is usually too rough for dogs to go swimming (the South Fremantle dog beach typically has calmer water, but gets busier with dogs and people)

#DogsOfAustralia at Leighton Beach

What should you bring to the beach with you?

Hereโ€™s a list of items that you might want to consider packing for a day at the dog beach:

โ€“ Towel and water bowl for your pup

โ€“ Poop bags

โ€“ Sunscreen and sunhat

โ€“ Snacks

โ€“ A leash

โ€“ Treats to reward good behaviour

โ€“ A towel or mat to sit on

โ€“ Water bottle for yourself

โ€“ A ball or frisbee for some fetching fun

What’s next?

Now that you’ve had a great time at Leighton Dog Beach, why not check out some of the other dog-friendly beaches around Perth? South Fremantle and Peasholm Dog Beach are also popular spots for dogs to have some beach fun. And don’t forget about all the amazing walking trails and parks where dogs are allowed โ€“ there are so many options for you and your pup to explore the incredible outdoors of Western Australia. And if you feel like a more relaxing activity, you can always spoil your dog with a Puppuccino from one of the many dog-friendly cafes around Perth. Happy adventuring!



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