A tour of Perth’s Best Dog Beaches

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Humans and a dog on the beach in Perth, Australia
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Did you know that we have a total of 19 stunning beaches from Fremantle to Trigg? With many of them being dedicated dog beaches, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to picturesque beaches we can enjoy with our furry friends.

Just remember to pick up after your little (or big) friend while you’re there. If it’s their first time, make sure you take it easy on them. Until your pup is comfortable being in or near the water, venture out to one of the more sheltered dog beaches. The big waves at some beaches can be quite intimidating at the beginning.

If you decide that your dog will need more time before he’s ready for the beach, take him to one of the many fenced dog parks we have in Perth instead.

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What To Bring

Be sure to bring towels for both you and your dog, a tennis ball or frisbee, and a sun umbrella so that your dog has a place to hide in the shade and rest if you’re planning to stay for a long time. In addition, don’t let your dog drink the ocean water – the saltwater can make him very sick, so decrease your pup’s urge to drink from the ocean by bringing plenty of water and a portable dog bowl.

What To Wear

Keep it casual, because you will get dirty. While your pooch may be the princess of hygiene, sometimes it’s unavoidable that a soaking wet golden retriever full of sand will welcome you to the beach with a filthy hug within minutes of your arrival. Dress for a dog park.

Where Are Dog Beaches In Perth? (Map)

Use the map below to find a Dog Beach near you. Scroll down to learn about the best that Perth has to offer in beaches that are friendly for dogs.

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Whitfords Animal Exercise Beach

Only slightly north of Hillary’s boat harbour, is Whitfords Dog Beach, also known as Whitfords Animal Exercise Beach. It is a beautiful spot for dogs to lose themselves on the long, sandy stretch of beach. Furthermore, there’s sometimes a coffee van and a dog wash in the car park and there are bins and waste bags at the beach entrance. The waves here can get a bit high at times, so be cautious of that. It’s generally shallow water here though, so you’ll often see dogs swimming with their owners.

Mosman – Leighton Dog Beach

The Mosman – Leighton Dog Beach is a stunning white sandy beach with great views of the Fremantle port. There are quite a few kitesurfers cruising past on windy days (and let’s face it, most days are windy days in Perth), so just keep an eye on your pup and make sure she’s comfortable with them. If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s to chase after your dog while she’s chasing after a kitesurfer!

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Cottesloe Dog Beach

There’s no dog beach in Cottesloe. We added this little paragraph here as we often get asked about the a Cottesloe dog beach, however it doesn’t exist as the beach in Cottesloe is not dog-friendly. If you’re in the area and looking for a dog beach, you can head south to the Mosman – Leighton Dog Beach, or north to the South City Beach dog beach 🙂

South Fremantle Dog Beach

The South Fremantle Dog Beach is a bit smaller than many of the other dog beaches that we have around Perth. This makes it a fantastic choice for your dogs first trip to the beach. It doesn’t get much swell, so there are no big waves, which is great because big waves can be a bit stressful for your pup at first sight. The South Beach Dog Beach is also within walking distance to heaps of dog-friendly cafes along South Terrace. Or how about you pop by Run Amuk for a hot dog after the trip to the beach?

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Quinns Dog Beach

If you visit the dog beach at Quinns Rock, you’ll find crystal clear water, plenty of parking, and sometimes even a dog wash which can be handy after lots of fun at the beach. The Quinns Dog Beach has a great length for a nice stroll and has waste bags available as well as a water bowl for dogs next to the shower in the car park.

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Woodman Point Dog Beach

The Dog Beach at Woodman Point is a fantastic dog-friendly beach that doesn’t get too busy and has plenty of parking bays. The area is protected from big waves, so it’s an excellent place for dogs to learn how to swim.

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North Beach Dog Beach

The North Beach Dog Beach is a beautiful beach with shallow water that’s often quiet. Parking can be a bit difficult; however, it is located within walking distance to some cafes in North Beach.

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Trigg Dog Beach

If you’re looking for a well-protected dog beach that has calm water and is less crowded, look no further than Trigg Dog Beach. You need to be a bit cautious of the many rock formations on the beach and in the sea, but other than that you’ll be enjoying a great day out on the beach with your best mate. You’ll also find Yelo Cafe right across the street, so you won’t have to go far if you fancy a coffee or brekkie afterwards.

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Peasholm Dog Beach

When you visit Peasholm Street Dog Beach, you’ll find beautiful clear water with no rocks in eyesight as well as showers for you and hoses for your dogs. Be cautious though when there is big swell, as waves can be a bit rough and choppy.

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Scarborough Dog Beach

The beach in Scarborough is not dog-friendly, so, a Scarborough Dog Beach is not a thing. We’ve added this little paragraph here as we often get asked about the Scarborough Dog Beach. If you live in the area and want to take your dog to the beach, you can head north to Trigg Dog Beach or south to Peasholm Dog Beach. It’s hardly a 5-minute drive in either direction 🙂 

South City Beach Dog Beach

The South City Beach Dog Beach is a postcard-perfect spot for the furry and furless alike. It has a nice long stretch of beautiful WA coastline, showers and fresh water by the entrance, as well as waste bags and bins upon entering. Note that it can be challenging to find a parking spot during busy times.

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North Coogee Dog Beach – C Y O’Connor Dog Beach

The Dog Beach in North Coogee is a great secluded beach that doesn’t usually get big waves and has a grassed area at the entry of the beach. Therefore, it is a beautiful dog beach for first-timers as it rarely gets crowded.

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