Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Are you wondering if your dog can eat beef jerky? Don’t skim read this, because the answer is both yes and no.

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

In short, dogs can eat dog-friendly beef jerky (if they tolerate beef to begin with). But not the type of beef jerky that’s made for humans.

Confused? We get it. So here’s a super easy explanation:

Beef Jerky for humans often has a long list of ingredients, including things that may be toxic for dogs.

In the human food industry, we add all sorts of herbs and spices to the beef jerky, to make it taste better. But not all herbs of spices that are tasty for us, are safe for our dogs.

Beef Jerky for dogs is just that. It’s dehydrated meat. It maybe includes some herbs that are safe and beneficial for dogs. But most of the time, it’s simply beef that has been dehydrated.

So, don’t give your dog the same type of beef jerky that you might be snacking on. But if your dog likes beef, and tolerates it (no allergies), you can definitely give your dog some yummy dog-friendly beef jerky as a special treat.

Beef Jerky for dogs can be purchased in pet shops, from local farmers markets if they have pet treat stalls, and online.

If you have a dehydrator at home, you can also make your own beef jerky treats for your dog.

Homemade Beef Jerky For Dogs

Lots of dog owners make their own jerky treats for dogs, because it’s super easy and can save you money in the long-haul. You also know exactly what you’re feeding your dog, with no risk for hidden nasty ingredients.

Here’s what you need to make homemade beef jerky treats for dogs:

1. A food dehydrator

You can also start by using the oven, but if you make jerky treats more often a proper food dehydrator will be more convenient and cheaper on your power bill.

2. Meat

We buy human-grade meat that’s on special in our local supermarket. Then we chop it all up, put it in the dehydrator and turn it on. It couldn’t be easier and our dogs love the fresh treats, especially if they get a snack while they’re still warm.

We make a lot of beef jerky for dogs, but will also often make chicken jerky, liver, kangaroo, or even mussels. Anything that’s safe for dogs to eat, and we know our dogs tolerate it well, will go into our dehydrator for yummy healthy treats.

How Much Beef Jerky Can A Dog Have?

Similar to humans, there is a daily calorie range that dogs should consume. And if there’s a mismatch between daily activity and consumed calories, dogs can become overweight, which can cause them health issues.

So, there’s no standard recommendation for how many dog-friendly beef jerky treats a dog can have, because different dogs have different calorie requirements, depending on their breed, activity levels, weight, and possible pre-existing medical conditions.

To find out how much your dog should be eating (regular food + treats), it’s best to ask your vet.

Typically, 1-2 treats a day are rarely an issue, but it really depends on your dog’s activity levels and what else you’re feeding your dog.



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