7 Cool Australian Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

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dog with bag and sunglasses
Image Source: Canva Premium

I like to think that the most relatable experience for all dog owners is the sudden appearance of waste bags everywhere. You bring a dog home and they start to appear everywhere – in your pockets, in your handbag, they float around in your car – they’re literally all over the place!

Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. After all, it means that you’re a good person who cleans up after their pooch. That said, I’m also excited to report that it’s 2020 and OH MY GOD there’s so many cool Aussie dog waste bag holders out there. Like, you won’t find them in your average retail pet shop, but there’s some truly beautiful ones if you know where to look for them. In this article, I get to show you some of my favourites from small Aussie brands, let’s get right into it!

Personalised Dog Waste Bag Holder

These pretty bag dispenser are handmade in Melbourne and can be personalised with your dog’s name. Found on Etsy, click here to check the latest price.

Image Source: ShopDcCollection on Etsy

Minimalist Design by Park Barkers

Melbourne brand Park Barkers takes a cruelty-free approach to design, materials and manufacturing. Their Yoyogi Waste Bag Holders can be purchased through our Shop Local page for $24.95.

Image by Park Barkers

Floral Print Bag Dispenser

This beautiful floral print waste bag dispenser is made from 100% premium cotton fabric printed in Europe. Found on Etsy, the item ships from Tasmania. Click here to check the latest price (many other designs available too).

Image by HollyandCoAU on Etsy

Cork Waste Bag Holder

Tick all the sustainability boxes with this beautiful cork dog waste bag holder. Made of 100% cork material, this item ships from the Sunny Coast in QLD. Found on Etsy, click here to check the latest price.

Image by MyPupper on Etsy

Pablo & Co Bag Holder

Here’s another cute floral print waste bag holder by Pablo & Co with a small zipper & made of heavyweight neoprene material. Found on Etsy, click here to check the latest price (and to browse all their other cute dog accessories).

Image by PabloandCoBoutique on Etsy

Fun Action Fight Scene Bag Dispenser

Here’s a waste bag holder in a fun design with the option to add a matching collar. Found on Etsy, click here to check the latest price.

Image by FidoCreative on Etsy


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