27 Unique Australian Dog Leashes For All Occasions

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dog posing with leash
Image by Tucker Good on Unsplash

Dog leashes come in many different variations, materials, and colours. In this article, we’ll show you different types of products from Australian brands. From rope leashes to leather leashes to macramé leashes, there’s something for everyone. 

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Rope Dog Leashes

Not to be mistaken for paracord leashes, rope leashes are often made from cotton with different knotting techniques. 


Pink rope dog leash

Image by AnimalsInCharge

This rose pink dog leash is handmade in a restored surfers shack from locally sourced materials.

New South Wales

Rope dog leash

Image by QueeniesPawprints

Walk your dog in style with this eco-friendly cotton rope dog leash from Sydney.


Rope dog leash

Image by JackTarsLocker

Only the finest marine grade rope and fittings are used in this handmade leash from the Gold Coast.

Leather Dog Leashes

Leather dog leashes are a popular choice, in particular for dogs that already have a leather dog collar. 

Northern Territory

Clip handle leather dog leash

Image by NicePaws

This practical leather dog leash has a clip handle and is hand-made in Alice Springs.


Colourful leather dog leash

Image by LuluLovesShop

If you’re looking for a colourful leather dog leash, you will like this one from Lulu Loves Shop.

South Australia

Black leather dog leash personalised

Image by MyK9Design

This personalised black leather leash in a minimalistic design ships from Adelaide. 

Eco-friendly Dog Leads

Luckily there are a few different options when it comes to eco-friendly dog leads. Look for products made from hemp, 100% cotton rope leashes, or leashes that incorporate post-consumer recycled plastic into their product. Vegetable tanned leather products can be a planet-friendly option too. 

New South Wales

Black on White Dog Leash

Image by HI JAC

Crafted in Sydney in small batches, the handle of this eco-friendly leash is made from recycled pet shampoo bottles, and the attached rope is made from recycled PET bottles. 


Eco-friendly hemp dog leash

Image by Dearcooper

Designed by an Australian designer, this hemp dog leash ships from Melbourne.

New South Wales

Hemp clip lead from Australia

Image by BohemiHandcrafted

Here’s a classic natural hemp clip lead that’s handmade in Sydney. 

Paracord Dog Leashes

Paracord is typically a durable material that’s also used for climbing. 

South Australia

Paracord dog leash

Image by KeikoandMe

This beautiful paracord dog leash ships from South Australia.

New South Wales

Australian paracord dog leash

Image by QueeniesPawprints

Stand out of the crowd with this colourful dog leash.


Purple paracord dog leash

Image by LeadOnDogs

This beautiful purple paracord dog collar is handmade in Melbourne.

Split Dog Leashes

If you walk more than one dog at the same time, you might be interested in a split dog lead.


Split dog leash

Image by LuluLovesShop

Get this cute & colourful split leash from LuluLovesShop on Etsy.


Brown leather split dog leash

Image by IntegralLeather

This product comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials.


Black split leash leather

Image by IntegralLeather

Walk multiple dogs at one time with this beautiful black leather split lead. 

Macramé Dog Leashes

The word “Macramé” refers to the knotting technique that’s been used to make these beautiful leashes.


Macrame dog leash

Image by The Boho Pet

This beautiful macramé dog leash is made with 100% cotton in Melbourne.

New South Wales

Australian macrame dog leash

Image by HANmademacrame

Made of cotton & twine, this macramé dog leash is handmade in Sydney.


Golden macrame dog leash

Image by CharlieLucaCo

This golden macramé dog leash is handmade in Brisbane.

Pink Dog Leads

If pink is your colour check out these beautiful leashes from Australian brands.


Pink dog leash

Image by HollyandCoAU

Designed by Holly & Co, this cute dog leash ships from Tasmania.

New South Wales

Lipstick pink dog leash


If you’re looking for a bright lipstick pink dog leash, this might be the perfect fit for you.


Pink dog leash from Australia

Image by StArgoMelbourne

This dog leash is made of vegan leather and ships from Melbourne.

Velvet Dog Leashes

Looking for something unique? You might like to get your hands on a soft velvet dog leash.


Velvet dog leash

Image by HollyandCoAU

Sleek and soft Italian velvet provides the most sophisticated touch to this beautiful dog leash from Holly & Co


Velvet dog leashes

Image by PippasWhippetCollars

These leashes are handmade from strong nylon webbing in velvet ribbon.


Mustard velvet dog collar

Image by CKPets

If mustard is your colour check out this beautiful collar and leash set.

Other types of Leashes

Here are a few more popular types of dog leads you can get in Australia.

Long Training Leash

Long training leash

Image by Pet House

A long training leash can help your dog explore while staying under your control.

Retractable Dog Lead

Retractable dog leash

Image by Pet House

Retractable dog leashes can be great to give your dog variable length during walks. It’s best to only use them with dogs that are already leash-trained to avoid accidents.

Hands-free Leash

Hands-free dog leash

Image by Tuff Mutt

Hands-free dog leashes are handy for runners but can also add a nice touch to regular walks. 

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