12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians

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These days you can get lots of different types of dog bowls as they’re available in many different styles and materials. The most popular ones are stainless steel bowls, ceramic bowls, and slow feeder dog bowls. But there are also personalised dog bowls and luxury dog bowls for the modern home.

It’s important that dogs have access to water at all times, so many dog owners end up having at least 3 pet bowls in their home: one for water inside, one for water outside, and one for food.

Another important consideration is enrichment feeding. Because both physical activity and mental stimulation are important for the well-being of dogs, many dog parents decide to turn the daily feeding times into an enrichment activity.

In other words, this means that they won’t use a pet bowl to feed their dog, and instead they might scatter feed, use a slow feeder or puzzle toy, or hand-feed their dog during training. So, in this case, pet bowls are used as water bowls, but not for food.

All that said, let’s take a closer look and some amazing pet bowls for Australians now.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

At first we have stainless steel dog bowls. They are probably the most common and popular type of pet bowl. And for good reason: Stainless steel pet bowls are cost-effective, light-weight, and easy to clean. Optional variations include non-slip bottoms, different sizes and colours, and personalisation.

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: 3d4funAustralia | Available from $45 | Ships from Sydney, NSW

Personalised Dog Bowls

Treat your dog to their very own bowl with one that’s personalised just for them. You can find personalised dog bowls in many different materials, including ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic. Here are some of our favourite picks:

Custom Elevated Dog Bowl (NSW)

This first bowl is perfect for dogs who like to eat and drink from a raised dog bowl. It’s handmade from premium pinewood by a small Sydney based business.

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: GalaPets | Available from $99 | Ships from Sydney, NSW

Custom Ceramic Pet Bowl (NT)

If you’re looking for a stylish dog bowl that will look great in your home, check out these luxury dog bowls. They’re made of ceramic and you can choose from two different types of fonts.

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: PamperedpupAU | Available from $35 | Ships from Darwin, NT

How do you make a personalised dog bowl?

You can make a personalised dog bowl very easily at home with a few simple supplies. All you need is a stainless steel dog bowl or a pack of vinyl stickers. Start by cleaning the bowl thoroughly and picking the letters of your dog’s name. Then decide where you want to place the name. Once you know, simply peel off the vinyl sticker letters and put them on your dog’s pool. And that’s it! You now have a personalised bowl for your dog that you made yourself 🙂

Ceramic Dog Bowls

Thrown on a pottery wheel, ceramic dog bowls are hand-made to perfection and considered a luxury dog bowl!

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: AnimalsInCharge | Available from $46 | Ships from Gold Coast, Queensland

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Does your dog eat too fast? Try a slow feeder dog bowl! They’re specially designed to slow your dog down while eating and you can find them in many different styles.

In essence, a slow feeder dog bowl works by adding some physical barriers to the accessibility of food for our dogs. So, in other words, it’s just a little harder for our dogs to get to the food, which makes them eat more slowly.

Luxury Dog Bowls

If you’re missing a stylish luxury dog bowl in your beautiful home, you might like one of our favourite luxury dog bowl ideas below.

Personalised Ceramic Luxury Dog Bowl (Latvia)

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: cleverpawz | Available from $89 | Ships from Melbourne

Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated dog bowls are a bit of a controversial topic. They are often recommended for large breeds dogs, but there’s also some research that suggests that raised dog bowls can increase the risk of bloat in large dogs.

So, before you venture out to get a really high bowl stand for your dog, it’s best to discuss the topic with your regular vet, so that you can receive the most relevant information for your personal circumstances.

That said, if you’re just after a slightly elevated dog bowl that will look great in your home, you can find them on Etsy, local farmers markets, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace as they’re often a locally made timber product.

Cute Dog Bowls

If you’re an Australian who loves their pet dog, then you know that keeping them hydrated is key! But that doesn’t mean your dog bowl has to be an eyesore. In fact, there are many beautiful and stylish dog bowls on the market these days. Here are my 5 favourite ones!

Cute slow feeder dog bowl (SA)

The first bowl on my list is this beautiful ceramic design from Pots for Paws. It’s a functional slow feeder design and would fit well with any contemporary home décor. Plus, it’s available in 3 sizes and different colours.

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: PotsforPawsAU | Available from $75 | Ships from Adelaide, South Australia

Personalised cute dog bowl (USA)

This next bowl is from Susabellas. It’s a cute dog bowl that can be personalised with your pet’s name. So if you’re after something special and unique in a luxurious design, this is the perfect option

12+ Amazing Dog Bowls for Australians
Image: Susabellas | Available from $65.47 | Ships from Washington, United States

How often should I wash my dog bowl?

You should wash your dog bowls every day! The food bowl should be cleaned after every meal, and your dog’s water bowl needs to be washed once a day 🙂


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