21+ Unique Dog Tags From Australian Creatives

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Image by Mia Anderson on Unsplash

In the world of dog tags, we differentiate between dog ID tags and dog tag charms.

Dog ID tags will have your personal details engraved, so that your dog can be easily identified if they wander off. Whoever finds your dog can give you a call straight away, which can save your pup from a pick-up by the ranger or a trip to the vet to read their microchip.

The engraving was (and still is) often done with number and letter stamps, but these days you’ll also find tags for pets being engraved with laser marking a lot.ย 

Then there are dog tag charms, which don’t necessarily have any personal details engraved. Their purpose is to add some personality and sassiness to your dog’s collar – it’s best to think of them as accessories ๐Ÿคฉ ย 

The standard dog tags aren’t particularly hard to find. You’ll often find them by the checkout in pet shops, or you can easily order them online from websites such as eBay.ย 

In this article however, we’ll show you some beautifully unique dog tags that stand out from all the regular ones. They’re also all from small Aussie businesses. Let’s get right into it ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

More Unique Dog Tags from Aussie Businesses

Melbourne, Handstamped Copper

Handstamped pet tag in copper

Image by MODPawed

This unique pet ID tag can accommodate a name and 2 phone numbers.

Bendigo, Handcrafted Tags

Handcrafted pet tag

Image by HabitatTags

These beautiful handcrafted tags can be made in all sizes.

Warrnambool, Dog Tags

Hand-stamped pet tag

Image by BigBigBearAU

Solid brass hand-stamped tags that are available in two sizes.

Melbourne, Wooden Tags

Wooden tags

Image by LuvHandmadeCreations

These cool wooden tags are made from high quality 3mm thick wood.ย 

Melbourne, Bamboo Tags

Bamboo dog tag

Image by LittleBirdyFinds

This unique bone design is laser cut from bamboo.

Melbourne, Polymer Tags

Polymer dog tags

Image by MuffinArmstrongCo

Beautiful hand-made polymer clay dog tags.

Brisbane, Hand-stamped Tag

Handstamped pet tag

Image by GEODOGZ

This pet tag design is a set style, with customisable name on front and 1 or 2 phone numbers on the back.

Brisbane, Colourful Pet Tag

Printed dog tag

Image by CocoTroveCo

These tags are made of aluminium and feature double sided printing.

Brisbane, Pattern Print Tag

Pattern Printed dog tag

Image by FluffAccessoriesAU

A high heat process is used to make sure these beautiful dog tags last a long time.

Brisbane, Back Tag

Black pet tag

Image by MelodysPetCollars

These black pet tags are made from stainless steel which can be more corrosion and scratch resistant.

Sunshine Coast, Hand-stamped Tags

Hand stamped dog tag

Image by OnceUponAPuppy

Adventurous hand-made dog tags, each of them unique in their own way.ย 

Gold Coast, Vintage Tag

Hand-stamped dog tag

Image by AnimalsInCharge

Vintage stamped natural dog tags from the Gold Coast.

Adelaide, Stainless Steel Tags

Stainless steel pet tag

Image by twocheekybitches

You can change ‘Mum’ to another name of your choosing for this funny tag!

Aussie Animals Tag

Australian Animals Tag

Image by KodasKornerAU

These cute tags are made from strong and durable aluminium.ย 

Tasmania, Hand-stamped tags

Copper, Brass, Aluminium dog tags

Image by waggietags

Choose from 76 design stamps for the front and have your details on the back!

Sydney - Dye Sublimation Tags

Dye sublimation dog tag

Image by WilsonsWarriorDesign

You can change ‘Mum’ to another name of your choosing for this funny tag!

Sydney, Dog Breed Tags

Dog breed tag

Image by kokopopart

Choose from many different dog breeds and have your details engraved on the back.ย 

Wollongong, Hand-stamped Tags

Hand-stamped pet tag

Image by NativeWolfTags

These beautiful tags are inspired by nature and you can include one name and up to two phone numbers.

Sydney - Hand-stamped tags

Hand-stamped dog tag

Image by TheBareHound

These small, cute brass id tags are best for young puppies and small dogs.ย 

Sydney, Resin Tags

Resin tags

Image by PaLomadeCreations

Fun handmade resin tags that can be personalised to suit your pet’s personality.ย 

Sydney, Tag with charm

Hand-stamped pet tag

Image by teddybeansxx

This dog tag comes with a cute charm attachement.

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