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21+ Cool Dog Tags From Australian Creatives

21+ Cool Dog Tags From Australian Creatives

Dog wearing a silent dog tag

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Gone are the days of boring dog id tags that all look the same.

These days, many creative entrepreneurs set out to design cool dog tags that match the unique personality of your pet.

In this article, we’re excited to show you many different styles across different states of Australia.

There’s something for everyone – from hand-stamped name tags, to polymer tags to vintage tags – the choice is all yours.

Let’s get right into it.

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Unique Dog Tags | Brisbane

Help protect your dog in the event of getting lost with a unique, locally designed pet tag. Personalisation available with up to 3 lines of permanent laser engraving on the back side of the tag.

Silent Dog Tags | Brisbane

Image by Paws Up Club

Don’t like tangly tags? Maybe a silent dog tag is the right choice for you. Pick from 3 styles and personalise your tag with up to 3 lines of permanent laser engraving.

Hand-stamped Copper Tags | Melbourne

Image by MODPawed

This hand-stamped pet ID tag can accommodate a name and 2 phone numbers.

Dog Tags | Warrnambool

Image by BigBigBearAU

Solid brass hand-stamped tags that are available in two sizes.

Wooden Tags | Melbourne

Image by LuvHandmadeCreations

These cool wooden tags are made from high quality 3mm thick wood. 

Bamboo Tags | Melbourne

Image by LittleBirdyFinds

This unique bone design is laser cut from bamboo.

Polymer Tags | Melbourne

Image by MuffinArmstrongCo

Beautiful hand-made polymer clay dog tags.

Hand-stamped Tag | Brisbane

Image by GEODOGZ

This pet tag design is a set style, with customisable name on front and 1 or 2 phone numbers on the back.

Colourful Pet Tag | Brisbane

Image by CocoTroveCo

These tags are made of aluminium and feature double sided printing.

Black Tag | Brisbane

Image by MelodysPetCollars

These black pet tags are made from stainless steel which can be more corrosion and scratch resistant.

Vintage Tag | Gold Coast

Image by AnimalsInCharge

Vintage stamped natural dog tags from the Gold Coast.

Stainless Steel Tags | Adelaide

Image by twocheekybitches

You can change ‘Mum’ to another name of your choosing for this funny tag!

Hand-stamped tags | Tasmania

Image by waggietags

Choose from 76 design stamps for the front and have your details on the back!

Dog Breed Tags | Sydney

Image by kokopopart

Choose from many different dog breeds and have your details engraved on the back. 

Hand-stamped Tags | Wollongong

Image by NativeWolfTags

These beautiful tags are inspired by nature and you can include one name and up to two phone numbers.

Resin Tags | Sydney

Image by PaLomadeCreations

Fun handmade resin tags that can be personalised to suit your pet’s personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Tags

Got a question about dog tags? We’d love to help answer them. Check out the frequently asked questions below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if your question isn’t answered in our FAQs.

What’s the difference between dog ID tags and dog charms?

In the world of dog tags, we differentiate between dog ID tags and dog tag charms.

Dog ID tags will have your personal details engraved, so that your dog can be easily identified if they wander off. Whoever finds your dog can give you a call straight away, which can save your pup from a pick-up by the ranger or a trip to the vet to read their microchip information.

The engraving was (and still is) often done with number and letter stamps, but these days you’ll also find tags for pets being engraved with laser marking a lot.

Then there are dog tag charms, which don’t necessarily have any personal details engraved. Their purpose is to just add some personality and sassiness to your dog’s collar – it’s best to think of them as accessories 🤩  

Can a dog tag go on a harness?

Yes, most dog harnesses have a D-ring, to which a dog tag can be attached. The D-ring is the part of your harness where you normally attach your dog leash to.

If the D-ring on your harness is pretty thick, you may struggle to attach dog tags that come with a split attachment ring.

However there’s no need to worry as there are multiple workarounds for this:

  • You can swap the split ring on your dog tag for a lobster ring, or
  • You can use a coin to help open up the split ring wide enough to fit the D-ring, without the risk of hurting your fingers.

How to attach a dog tag to a collar?

Some dog collars have a dedicated small ring to attach dog name tags.

If your dog collar hasn’t got one of these, you can attach the pet tag to the D-ring, which is the same part of the collar where you would also attach your dog leash.

Here’s how to attach a dog tag with a split ring to a collar easily:

  • Use a coin to open up the split ring without hurting your fingers
  • Slide it on the attachment ring, then remove the coin

If your dog tag comes with a lobster clasp, simply press down on the latch to open up the clasp, and then put it on your collar attachment ring.

What size dog tag is good for a puppy?

If the dog tag is attached to a split ring or lobster clasp, a good size for a puppy is 15-20mm. These are smaller than standard dog tags which are 30mm or bigger, so they’ll be less likely to tangle too far down from your puppy’s collar.

Please be mindful of puppy chewing and dog tags. If your puppy chews on the dog tag, it’s best to remove it until your puppy has outgrown their teething phase.

Alternatively, you can consider buying a dog collar with an integrated name plate, or a slide-on dog tag that won’t tangle.

What are the best dog tags for small dogs?

Similar to the dog tags for puppies, if you have a small dog, you want to pay extra attention to the size of your dog tag.

For pet name tags that are attached to a split ring or lobster clasp, a good size for a small dog is 15-20mm. This makes them smaller than standard dog tags which can be 30mm or bigger, so they’ll be less likely to tangle too far down from your dog’s collar.

Alternatively, you can also consider buying a dog collar with an integrated name plate, or a slide-on dog tag that won’t tangle.

What information should go on a dog tag?

For information that should go on a dog tag, it’s best to double-check with your local council to learn more about the requirements in your area.

Other than that it’s really up to you what information you want to include. Here are some examples:

  • Dog name
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • 2nd phone number
  • Dog rescue phone number
  • Your vet phone number
  • Your address
  • Microchip number

Obviously not all of these details need to go on a dog tag. For example, some people have privacy concerns over putting their residential address on a dog tag. Other people may prefer to put the address on to guarantee a quick and safe return of their dog. But the best place to start if you’re unsure is always your local council.

How much do dog tags usually cost?

Simple dog tags start at $20 and can go up to about $45 for premium tags.

Does my dog need a name tag?

Depending on where you live, it may be a legal requirement for your dog to wear a tag.

To find out if this applies to you, it’s best to check with your local council.

Other than that, a dog tag can help in quickly and safely returning your dog back to you in the event of your dog getting lost.

Think of it this way: Even though your dog is probably microchipped, if there’s also a tag with your phone number on your dog, it will safe the finder and your dog a trip to the vet to be able to access the microchip details. Having your contact information on your dog’s collar or harness is simply a much quicker and easier way to safely return your dog to you if they get lost.

Where to buy a dog tag?

You can buy unique, locally designed dog tags, and silent dog tags, online at the Paws Up Club.

All pet name tags include free engraving of up to 3 lines of text, and are shipped with Australia Post from Brisbane, Australia.

If unique and silent dog tags aren’t up your alley, we recommend you have a look on Etsy for dog tags in different designs.

Alternatively, if you need a dog tag quickly and therefore can’t place an order online, you may be able yo buy a dog tag in your local pet shop. They don’t all stock pet name tags though due to limited engraving options, so it’s best to call ahead to ask, before you walk or drive there.

Where to get a dog tag engraved?

Different dog tags are made from different materials. Depending on the material of a dog tag, there may be different engraving methods that need to be used to engrave your dog tag.

Because of this, you may find it hard to get a dog tag engraved from a different business to the one that sold you the tag.

For what it’s worth, if you have a blank dog charm that you want to get engraved, take it to your local shopping mall and keep an eye out for trophy shops, shoe repair shops, key-cutting shops, and jewellers to ask if they can help.

Ultimately, it’s always best to buy a dog tag from a business that offers engraving services too.

Need a new collar?

If you’re looking for a beautiful collar to match your new dog tag, check out our popular article on leather dog collars from Australian brands.

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