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7+ Awesome Poodle Gift Ideas For Australians

7+ Awesome Poodle Gift Ideas For Australians

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Are you looking for the perfect Poodle gift?

Wondering what to get the Poodle lover in your life?

How about a Poodle Christmas ornament or a personalised piece of art for their home?

The Poodle has long been a favoured companion animal and in this article, we’ll share a fantastic range of cool ideas for the perfect Poodle-themed gift.

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Poodle Artwork – Set of 2 Prints (Gift for the Poodle Home)

Image by PentoAnchor. From $25.07 on Etsy
  • Beautiful Poodle gift for the home
  • Set of 2 Prints printed on 310gsm fine art matte paper made from 100% cotton
  • Available in different sizes
  • Ships from Melbourne, Victoria

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Poodle Mum Car Decal Sticker (Poodle Gift for Dog Mums)

Image by MyCraftyDogStudio. From $9.99 on Etsy
  • Made to order in Melbourne
  • Stickers are precision cut and have no background

Poodle Earrings (Gift for the Poodle Enthusiast)

Image by MurrayDesignsbyLisa. From $14.95 on Etsy.
  • Handcrafted jewellery from Adelaide, South Australia
  • Different colours available
  • Surgical steel posts

For more beautiful dog-themed jewellery, check out this article: Dog Jewellery: 7+ Cute Pieces You Need To See

Snuffle Mat (Enrichment Gift for the Poodle Dog)

Image by SCHITEC. From $28.99 on Amazon.

Snoods – Ear Holder (Gift for the Poodle Dog)

Image by Snoody B. From $12 on Etsy.
  • Gently holds the ears back to prevent them from dangling in the food
  • Ships from Sydney, NSW

Poodle Christmas Ornament

Image by ArtistCreationsKaren. From $21 on Etsy.
  • Poodle hanging ornament
  • Light enough to decorate your Christmas tree, hang in your car or around your home
  • Ships from South Australia

Poodle Gate Sign (Gift for the Poodle Home)

Image by RenmyStoreAustralia. From $14 on Etsy
  • Funny Poodle-themed sign
  • Made and designed in Australia
  • Ships from Queensland

Poodle Car Freshener

Image by LecadeauStudio. From $22.99 on Etsy
  • Handmade with plaster
  • Customisation available
  • Ships from Australia

Poodle Keychain

Image by ArtistCreationsKaren. From $18 on Etsy.
  • Adorable handmade keychain
  • Handcrafted in Australia using locally sourced stainless steel and natural gemstomes
  • Ships from South Australia

Poodle Shirt (Gift for the Poodle Mum)

Image by TwisteeShirts. From $18.86 on Etsy.
  • Designed and manufactured in small batches in the USA
  • Ships from California, US

14K Gold Plated Poodle Necklace

Image by WeeShopyDog. From $110.69 on Etsy
  • Crafted and finished by hand
  • Available in 14K Gold Plated or Sterling Silver
  • Ships from Israel

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Hopefully the below gift guides will help you find the perfect Poodle gift:

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