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Dog Jewellery: 7+ Cute Pieces You Need To See

Dog Jewellery: 7+ Cute Pieces You Need To See

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Dog jewellery – what is it? Do we need it? And, more importantly, do our dogs need it? Let’s find out.

If your pup is your best friend, you have a strong relationship with it.

A one-of-a-kind, exclusive bond. That’s why you might want a piece of dog jewellery that reminds you of your pup, or spoil them with their own special necklace.

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Can dogs wear jewellery?

Yes, dogs can wear jewellery but… No, they don’t need to wear jewellery, and yes, jewellery can be a safety hazard to your dog.

Many dogs don’t mind playing short, respectful dress-up games for photoshoots. But if your dog shows signs of discomfort, you shouldn’t make them wear anything they don’t like. It’s just not fair. And at all times, it’s best to monitor your dog while they’re wearing something that can be dangerous to them.

Dog necklaces (for humans)

Dog-themed necklaces are truly the perfect gift idea to treat yourself or a loft one.

Minimalist Custom Dog Jewellery Necklace

Image by BarkleyandWagz. From $71.73 on Etsy.
  • Each pendant is cut, polished, and drilled by hand and is available in sterling silver or gold filled
  • Ships to Australia from the US

Paw Print Dog Necklace

Image by SincerelySilverShop. From $49.07 on Etsy.
  • Have your dog’s custom paw print engraved
  • Metal: Sterling Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold
  • Ships to Australia from the US

14K Gold Plated Paw Necklace

Image by MiniminvalJewelry. From $40.53 on Etsy.
  • Colourful paw to remind you of your best friend
  • Choose either 925K Sterling Silver with the options of Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold colours
  • Ships to Australia from Turkey

Dog Earrings

Want to rep your dog everywhere you go? You’ll love a cute pair of dog earrings!

Border Collie Resin Dog Earrings

Image by EmilyAndWoo. From $28 on Etsy.
  • Lovingly designed and made in Brisbane from high-grade epoxy resin in handmade moulds
  • Other breeds available too (and they’re all super cute!)

Gold Paw Stud Dog Earrings

Image by HarlieandCo. From $18.79 on Etsy.
  • 14K Gold Plated Alloy
  • Ships from Sydney, NSW

Necklaces for dogs

Natural Baltic Amber Collar for Dogs

Image by PetAmberCollars. From $21.87 on Etsy.
  • Raw Baltic amber is known for beauty and healing properties, and the scent is said to repel ticks and fleas
  • This necklace for dogs has no sharp edges
  • Ships to Australia from Lithuania

Soft Necktie Dog Collar

Image by HelenPennyShop. From $35.50 on Etsy.
  • Designed to be stylish and functional, these neckties are both stylish and functional, complete with a reinforced hole for tags
  • Handmade from incredibly soft velour in the UK
Image by Elegantpet1. From $14.33 on Etsy.
  • Cuban Link with Rhinestones
  • Gold colour neck chain
  • Jewellery for dogs neck collar
  • Light-weight made from Aluminium
  • Ships to Australia from the US

White Pearl Necklace For Dogs

Image by MaryDogJewelry. From $22.96 on Etsy.
  • Elegant pearl dog necklace handcrafted from 8mm white glass pearls
  • Adorned with a rhinestone heart charm and rhinestone roundels
  • Ships to Australia from the Ukraine

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