3+ Best Dog Prams: Where to get a Stroller in Australia (2023 Update)

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We admit it. At first glance dog prams can look like a crazy idea. After all, it seems that 40% of Australians may not walk their dogs enough to begin with. So, why the heck would someone put their dog into a stroller?

Why would you put a dog in a pram?

Well, as it turns out, there are actually a bunch of good reasons why someone might want to get a pram for their dog. Here are the most important ones:

  1. It makes it easier to take anxious pets places

Many dogs get easily overwhelmed and anxious. By putting them into a familiar, sheltered space like a dog pram, we can help them feel more comfortable when taking them to certain places. Such as the vet for example, or other busy places where our dogs can feel anxious otherwise.

  1. We can take older and injured dogs places

A pet pram can help in getting dogs a change of scenery (and smells!) if they may not be able to go for a walk on their own four feet.

  1. We can take puppies places

Young puppies shouldn’t be walking too far while all their bones and joints are still developing. They may not have had all their vaccines just yet either, which is where a dog pram can be helpful.

What are the best dog prams?

Below are the best dog prams you can buy online in Australia, sorted by best reviewed, best wagon for bigger dogs, and most affordable dog prams.

Gray Shadow Dog Stroller (Best Reviewed)

3+ Best Dog Prams: Where to get a Stroller in Australia (2023 Update) 71mBPIUrriL. AC SL1500
Image by Pet Gear

With over 1,000 great reviews, at the time of writing, you could get this red dog pram for $358 including free shipping.

Giant Dog Wagon (Best Stylish)

3+ Best Dog Prams: Where to get a Stroller in Australia (2023 Update) 61GGAG35%2BiL. AC SL1000
Image by Ibiyaya

This fashionable wagon-style pet stroller is available from $363 plus shipping at the time of writing.

Please note that the pet wagon is a well-made and beautifully designed product, however we find it most suitable for small breed dogs, not the medium-large dogs it’s advertised for.

We had a chance to test the pet wagon ourselves, and do not find it suitable for large breeds. Even medium-sized dogs would struggle to comfortably use it.

In fact, the cabin length of this pet wagon is smaller than a PP20 travel crate, which is a small sized travel crate for dogs up to 7kg. So there’s a strong disconnect from the Ibiyaya pet wagon being advertised for big dogs up to 25kg.

Please be careful when spending $300+ on this product and double-check your dog’s size and the cabin measurements.

Find A Dog Pram For Sale Locally: Second Hand Dog Prams

Don’t forget to check Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree to see if someone in your local area has a second hand dog pram up for sale.

Are dogs in prams allowed in shops?

It’s always best to ask the shop owner first if you can bring a dog inside a pram into a shop.

Food venues have to follow the Australian Food Safety Standards and may not be able to allow animals in areas where food is handled.

What’s the best pram for an old dog?

The best pram for an old dog depends a little on your dog’s size and your ability to lift your dog. If you can comfortably lift your dog, most good-quality prams will be suitable, as long as they’re big enough for your dog to stretch out easily.

But if you can’t life your dog, you’ll need to look for a dog stroller that’s low enough for your dog to easily step in.

What’s the best pram for a large dog?

We recommend checking out the FITTOO dog bike trailer for a medium-large dog (interior measurements: : 72cm L x 58cm W x 55cm H).

Honestly, it can be a bit difficult to find a pram for a large dog. A lot of the time strollers that are advertised for large dogs, aren’t big enough for your dog to lie down comfortably.

That said, the above mentioned FITTOO dog bike trailer certainly has much bigger interior measurements than many other dog strollers.

At all times, when you’re looking for a pram for a large dog, you really want to take measurements of your dog lying down first, and compare them with the measurements of the pram that you’re considering.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable size, you could also consider looking for bike trailers. With a bit of luck, you might be able to find one that’s a better fit than the available prams for large dogs.

dog checking out the giant pet wagon

Do dogs like being in a stroller?

Some dogs will love a stroller straight away and others may never warm up to them. Like with most things, it really depends on the individual dog.

That said, as dog parents, we also play a role in how our dogs experience their stroller and whether they’ll like this experience or not.

It’s important to not straight away force your dog into the pram the moment it arrives in your home.

Let your dog sniff it out and if they think that the stroller is a bit suss, maybe just leave it in your living room for a day or two without actually doing anything with it. Let your dog get used to that “new thing” and learn that it’s not something they need to be worried about.

Eventually, you can toss some treats into the stroller, and maybe even start teaching your dog to get into the stroller themselves. Obviously this will depend a little bit on the size of your dog and the design of the pram. Sometimes the best course of action is for you to lift your dog inside the pram.

Anyways, the gist of this is to take it slowly and give your dog lots of praise and rewards when interacting with the dog stroller.

Then, slowly walk around your own home or backyard with your dog inside the pram. You don’t have to go on a big trip straight away if your dog isn’t used to it yet.

With time, lots of dogs learn to love their pram because it means they’re going on an adventure with their best friend ๐Ÿ™‚



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