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Dog Prams: Where to get a Stroller in Australia

Dog Prams: Where to get a Stroller in Australia

Dogs sitting in a dog pram

We admit it. At first glance dog prams may look like a crazy idea. After all, it seems that 40% of Australians may not walk their dogs enough to begin with. So, why the heck would someone put their dog into a stroller?

Well, as it turns out, there are actually a bunch of good reasons why someone may want to get a pram for their dog. Here are the most important ones:

  1. It makes it easier to take anxious pets places

Many dogs get easily overwhelmed and anxious. By putting them into a familiar, sheltered space like a dog pram, we can help them feel more comfortable when taking them to certain places. Such as the vet for example, or other busy places where our dogs may feel anxious otherwise.

  1. We can take older and injured dogs places

A pet pram can help getting dogs a change of scenery (and smells!) if they may not be able to go for a walk on their own four feet.

  1. We can take puppies places

Young puppies shouldn’t be walking too far while all their bones and joints are still developing. They may not have had all their vaccines just yet either, which is where a dog pram can be helpful.

Below are some option of where you can buy a dog carrier online in Australia.

Red Dog Stroller (Best Reviewed)

Image by Pet Gear

With over 1,000 great reviews, at the time of writing, you could get this red dog pram for $305 including free shipping.

Large Dog Carrier

Image by Ibiyaya

Get this fashionable wagon-style pet stroller for $310 + $50 shipping at the time of writing.

Please note that this is a well-made, beautifully designed pet wagon, however we found the way it’s advertised misleading.

Many Australian retailers of this product advertise it as suitable for large dogs in their description.

We had a chance to test the pet wagon ourselves, and do not find it suitable for large breeds. Even medium-sized dogs would struggle to comfortably use it.

In fact, the length of this pet wagon is smaller than a PP10 travel crate, which is the smallest size for dogs up to 8kg. So there’s a strong disconnect from the Ibiyaya pet wagon being advertised for big dogs up to 25kg.

Unfortunately the Australian retailers we reached out to didn’t appreciate our feedback and haven’t changed the wording in their descriptions.

So, please be careful when spending $300+ on this product.

As mentioned above, it’s well-made and beautifully designed, however based on our experience it’s only suitable for small breed dogs, not the large dogs it’s advertised for.

iPet Stroller – Small Dog Pram

Image by Catch

This popular dog pram has a 4.5 star rating on and sells for under $100 including free shipping at the time of writing. 

iPet Stroller – Large

Image by Catch

The large version of this popular dog stroller sells for under $200 including free shipping at the time of writing. 

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