What Mako Barks About

We went on a mission to discover the favourite products of Aussie dogs. In this article, Mako from Western Australia barks about his favourites including a pet water fountain that’s a must for summer, his life jacket that makes him feel confident in the water, and Pea-mutt butter scrolls.

Find Mako’s author bio at the end of this article and click through to his Instagram account to follow his adventures around Western Australia.

Pet Water Fountain from Kmart

Mako has three favourite things that he absolutely can’t live without.ย 

The first one is his pet water fountain from Kmart. Now that it’s getting hot here in Western Australia Mako loves running around splashing his water fountain mat. It’s a must for summer!

Life Jacket from EzyDog

The second product is his life jacket from EzyDog. Mako wears this when he goes to the beach and in the pool.

It make him so confident and he stays in the water for ages. This life vest makes me so happy to see him having lots of fun and knowing he feels comfortable and safe.

Pea-mutt Butter Scrolls

He loves his Pea-mutt butter scrolls from Pups in the pantry. These are a perfect treat because he loves peanut butter and these are long lasting which keeps him entertained. They can be purchased from Coles.

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