What They Bark About

We went on a mission to discover the favourite products of Aussie dogs. In this article, Romeo, Bane, Milo, and Indie and Emma bark about their favourites, including Biothane gear, Aussie-sourced treats, a tough rubber footie, and Doglato snacks!

What Romeo Barks About

Romeo is a super happy super funny fab lab! Loves a treat or ten! He loves the beach and any type of water he can find. He also loves fashion and making his friends laugh.

Doglato is one of his favourite snacks – especially coming into summer! Who doesn’t love icecream!

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What Bane Barks About

Hey everyone. I’m a 3 year white bull terrier, who has a huge heart. I love my family, cuddles, playing with other dogs and sleeping. I’m just your friendly neighbourhood bully.

One of my favourite companies is Aussie Dog Products (ADP), all of their products have meaning, whether it be mental wellbeing, enrichment fun or just fun in general, they have a toy to suit every dog.  My favourite ADP at the moment is my Dura Footy, it’s made of tough rubber and it squeaks, those squeaks drive me a bit crazy, but I just love it. I can play by myself or with my family.

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What Milo Barks About

Milo is a 2 year old goofy beagle. He’s obedient, loves all treats and food, loves his photo being taken. We all go on adventures and love a good hike. Milo is just the most awesome dog!

Wag! A huge variety of Australian naturally sourced products for dogs teeth, enrichment, training, boredom and more. A brand for all life stages and all different proteins to keep your dog taste buds going all the time. We love bully sticks, forage fish, kangaroo ribs and moo tubes.

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What Indie & Emma Bark About

Indie is a 5yr old German Shepherd, Siberian Husky mix, Emma is a 5yr old Siberian Husky. I got both girls as puppies during my time in rescue and it’s been a chaotic few years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Indie & Emma love playing fetch, swimming, hiking – basically adventuring of any kind! But they also love lazy days laying around watching tv with us.

Bowie & Co are a small Australian business and offer a massive selection of collars, leashes, harnesses and accessories for dogs of all ages, sizes as well as pets and working dogs!

Their Biothane gear is designed for adventure in mind – easy to clean, odour resistant, waterproof and super strong. 

Our most used pieces are their 1.5″ slip collars, martingale collars, hands-free leads and traffic leads.

You can use our code INDIEMMA10 for a discount on all your orders 🏷 

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