Find An Off-Leash Dog Exercise Park In Sydney

It is estimated that there are more than 500,000 dogs in Sydney and regular exercise is an essential part of a dog’s life. Luckily, our furry friends are welcome at hundreds of parks and other open spaces all around Sydney.

With many studies suggesting a wide range of benefits for us humans if we own a dog, it’s no wonder that we want to give back to our dogs by increasing their quality of life too. In this article, we’ll look into how you can find an off-leash dog exercise area near you in Sydney.

Council Websites

Most councils have a dedicated section on their website with important information for residents who own a dog, which typically includes the dedicated dog exercise parks in your area. 

Bayside โ€“ Off-Leash Dog Exercise Areas

There are 12 off-leash areas where dogs can exercise without a leash. Note that they must still be under control of a competent person at all times. Click here to see all the areas: Bayside Off-Leash Areas  

Blacktown – Off-leash areas

You can find the closest off-leash area to you here: Blacktown Off-Leash Areas  

Burwood โ€“ Off-Leash Areas

Find a map detailing areas where dogs are permitted off-leash here: Burwood Off-Leash Areas  

Camden โ€“ Off-Leash Dog Parks

The Camden Council offers eight off-leash dog parks, find them here: Camden Off-Leash Dog Parks  

Campbelltown โ€“ Dog leash-free areas and conditions for dog entry

The City Council of Campbelltown provides leash-free areas to socialise and exercise dogs. Learn more here: Campbelltown Leash-Free Areas 

Canada Bay โ€“ Local Off-Leash Areas

Did you know that nearly 40 per cent of households within the City of Canada Bay own a dog and that they have made a commitment to be one of Sydneyโ€™s most dog-friendly councils? Click here to learn all you need to know about their local off-leash areas: Canada Bay Local Off-Leash Areas 

Canterbury โ€“ Bankstown โ€“ Pet-friendly Parks and Reserves

Dogs are welcome at most local parks but must be kept on a leash unless otherwise stated. See all off-leash parks here: Canterbury โ€“ Bankstown Pet-friendly Parks and Reserves

Cumberland โ€“ Off-leash dog parks

There are six off-leash dog parks in the Cumberland Council area. Learn more about them here: Cumberland Off-Leash Dog Parks

Fairfield โ€“ Dog Off-leash Areas

Fairfield City offers residents four dog off-leash areas, you can find them here: Fairfield Off-Leash Areas 

Hornsby โ€“ Off-leash Dog Areas

There are six dedicated off-leash areas in Hornsby Shire, as well as some shared ones. Find them all here: Hornsby Off-Leash Dog Areas

Inner West โ€“ Dog exercise areas

There are 43 off-leash dog exercise areas in the Inner West: Dog Exercise Areas

Ku-ring-gai โ€“ Off-leash dog parks

The council currently has 20 off-leash areas. Learn all there is to know about it here: Ku-ring-gai Off-Leash Dog Parks

Lane Cove โ€“ Dog Exercise Areas

The council has designated particular areas throughout Lane Cove for off-leash exercise for dogs, you can find them here: Lane Cove Dog Exercise Areas

Liverpool โ€“ Off-Leash Dog Areas

Liverpool City Council recognises the benefits off-leash areas have on the health and well-being of dogs. There are four designated off-leash areas, learn more here: Liverpool Off-Leash Dog Areas

Mosman โ€“ Where to Walk Your Dog

Mosman has areas where dogs may be exercised either on or off the leash, click here for more details: Mosman Dog Exercise Areas 

North Sydney โ€“ Dogs in Parks, Reserves & Playgrounds

North Sydney is a dog-friendly area with numerous parks where dogs can be exercised off-leash. Learn all about them here: North Sydney Dog Parks

Northern Beaches โ€“ Dog Parks

Your best friend can let off steam in one of Northern Beaches 28 dog off-leash exercise areas. Find them all here: Northern Beaches Dog Parks

Parramatta โ€“ Off-Leash Areas

The City of Parramatta recognises the need for public open spaces as private backyards and garden spaces decrease. Find all dog off-leash areas here: Parramatta Off-Leash Areas

Penrith โ€“ Dog Off-leash Areas

Penrith is a pet-friendly city with many parks where dogs can be exercised off-leash. Check out the interactive map here: Penrith Dog Off-Leash Areas

Randwick โ€“ Off-leash Dog Areas

Randwick City Council encourages the use of a number of its parks and open spaces for dog exercise and 14 areas are designated to allow you to exercise your dog off the leash at any time of the day. You can view them here: Randwick Off-Leash Dog Areas  

Ryde โ€“ Off-Leash Areas

Learn more about the off-leash dog exercise areas in Ryde here: Ryde Off-Leash Areas 

Strathfield โ€“ Leash-Free Areas

To promote healthy lifestyles, there are two dog leash-free areas in the Strathfield Council area. Learn more here: Strathfield Leash-Free Areas 

Sutherland โ€“ Dog-Friendly Areas across the Shire

Access the interactive map to see where you can take your dog here: Sutherland Dog-Friendly Areas 

City of Sydney โ€“ Off-Leash Parks

You can enjoy many parks in the City of Sydney. Learn more here: City of Sydney Off-Leash Parks 

Waverley โ€“ Dog Walking Areas

Currently, there are eight off-leash parks in the Waverley Council area, learn more about them here: Waverley Dog Walking Areas 

Willoughby โ€“ Off-Leash Areas

In recognition of the benefits of dog ownership, Council has provided many areas in parks and reserves where dogs can be exercised without leashes. Learn more about them here: Willoughby Off-Leash Areas 

Wollondilly โ€“ Off-Leash Areas

The council maintains several off-leash areas for pet owners to enjoy. Find them all here: Wollondilly Off-Leash Areas

Woollahra โ€“ Walking your dog

Dogs are welcome at many different parks and reserves in Woollahra. Learn more about where dogs are allowed off-leash by clicking here: Woollahra Dog Exercise Parks 

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