The Ultimate Bucket List For Perth Dogs

Time with our best mates can pass by way too quickly, so let’s create the memories of a lifetime, and tick off as many items as possible from our Ultimate Bucket List for Perth Dogs! 

There are a lot of fun things we can do with our pooches, so don’t consider this list finished. We’ll continue working on it as time goes by, and so should you 🙂

Roll in the mud and get really, really dirty

Yeah we know you’ll hate us for that one, but we’re sure your dog will love it, and that’s all that counts, right?

Have a birthday party with all of your dog’s best mates

Don’t forget to take lots of photos and to share them with us! If you’re after some inspiration, have a read here: How to throw your dog a birthday party in Perth

Get a doggo friendly cake for your dog’s birthday

You’ll be surprised at the abundance of dog-friendly cake recipes on Pinterest, so don’t make excuses and bake your pup that birthday cake!

Make some tasty homemade treats

With all the practice you got from baking that birthday cake, you might as well stay in the kitchen and bake your pup some tasty homemade treats 😜.

Make them in bulk, so you always have some at home and save $ compared to store-bought treats.

If you really can’t be bothered baking, rather than buying mass-produced store-bought treats, consider buying treats from local small businesses.

We list many of them on our website to make it super easy to find your next fav neighbourhood treat dealer: Shop Dog Treats from Australian Small Businesses

Let your dog run on a dog-friendly beach

We have so many great dog-friendly beaches in Perth; your dog can spend all summer running up and down different beaches! If you’re after some inspiration, have a read here: A Tour of Perth’s best Dog Beaches

Go on a Hike

What’s better than a day out in the quiet wilderness with you and your best mate? Here are some to trail ideas to get you started: Dog-friendly hiking trails around Perth

Eat a Gourmet Meal

With lots of healthy recipes to choose from, your dog will love you for spicing up his dinner routine!

Have your photos turned into a calendar

Our phones are full of great shots of our pups, so why not pick the best ones and turn them into a calendar? You can make one online at Snapfish starting from $24.95.

Pose for the family Christmas card

Who doesn’t love a fun family Christmas card that includes the dog! You can make those online at Snapfish too, starting from less than a dollar per piece.

Go camping

A change of scenery is always great, and we have some fantastic dog-friendly camping spots not far away from Perth.

Have a Spa Day

Us hoomans love them, so why not pamper your pooch too?

Drink a Puppuccino in a real cafe

Here’s where you can find them in Perth: Where to find a dog-friendly Puppuccino cafe in Perth

Or treat your dog to a Puppuccino in the comfort of your own home: All You Need To Know About Puppuccinos 😋 (+1 Easy Recipe)

Stay at a dog-friendly Hotel

We know. Perth is a very remote place to live in and it’s hard to travel outside our state with our pups. Unlike many other countries in the world, we also have a lack of dog-friendly hotels here, BUT WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY! We can improvise with dog-friendly Airbnb’s, and we even wrote up a full post on How to have the Perfect Dog-friendly Staycation in Perth!

Take your dog to work with you

At least just once, how great would it be?

Give your dog Doggy Ice Cream

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than some ice cream; we’re sure your dog will agree, too.

Try a dog sports class, like fly ball or agility

Dog sports can be so much fun for both humans and dogs. Don’t take puppies though as their bones are still developing.

Go paddle-boarding with your dog

Going paddle-boarding with your dog is a lot of fun and such a great bonding activity at the same time.



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