Find An Off-Leash Dog Exercise Park In Perth

Everyone who lives in Perth will know that the city by the Swan River is crazy about their dogs. Regular exercise is an essential part of a dog’s life, so it’s no wonder that we have hundreds of designated park areas that are off-leash dog exercise parks for you and your dog.

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Off-Leash Dog Exercise Parks By Council

All the Off-Leash Dog Exercise Parks are provided by the councils, so if you’re ever unsure about a park, please check their website directly.

Dogs In Public Etiquette

Last but not least, please help preserve a pleasant experience for all park users by keeping the following in mind when you go to an Off-Leash Dog Exercise Park:

  • Your dog should be under supervision and effective control at all times to prevent conflict with other dogs and people
  • Clean up after your dog. Waste bags are usually available at park entrances, but bringing extras is always a good idea.
  • Carry a lead with you at all times
  • Remember that Dogs must be on a lead within at least five metres of children’s playgrounds (this varies across different councils)
  • Dogs must be on a lead within five metres of the edge of playing fields being used for organised sporting or other permitted activities.

Map: Off Leash Dog Exercise Parks In Perth

There really are a lot of places to take your dog for some outdoor fun in Perth. So, no matter whether you are new to Perth, paying the city a visit, or simply looking for a new playground for you and your dog, here are all of the off-leash dog parks in Perth that we know of.

Click on the top-right icon to open this map in Google Maps so that you can share or save it to easily access Off Leash Dog Exercise Parks in the future.

Since there are hundreds of dog-friendly parks, we’ve highlighted them all in the map above so you can easily find out which dog parks are close to you. Scroll down for more information and photos of some of the most popular parks.

Highlights of some popular Off-Leash Dog Exercise Parks in Perth

Bayswater – Riverside Gardens Dog Park

Dog owners across the city drool over to Riverside Gardens in Bayswater for their expansive off-leash area in which dogs can both run and swim. It’s the perfect place for all well-behaved pooches who enjoy playing fetch and bounding about with other dogs.

Gwelup – Lake Gwelup Reserve

Lake Gwelup Reserve is a popular destination amongst both residents of the area and people flocking in from other neighbourhoods. Surrounded by scenic landscapes, you’ll find a beautiful 2.5km track where dogs can be exercised off lead. The area is also popular amongst joggers, so it’s a must that owners keep a watchful eye on their dog at all times.

Inglewood Dog Park

The Inglewood Dog Park is a great place to take your dog to play and socialise with other dogs. It’s a fenced park that includes sand for dogs to play in as well as some obstacles to use for training.

Banjup – Calleya Dog Park

Nestled between Piara Waters and Cockburn Central, the Calleya Dog Park is fully fenced with separate sections for small and large dogs.

Carine Regional Open Space Fenced Dog Park

The Carine Regional Open Space is a treat for both humans and dogs. It’s a beautiful, clean and spacious park that includes a fenced dog park for off-leash fun and training.

Trigg Bushland Reserve

If you’re looking for a beautiful bush walk that’s close to the city with the option for your dog to be off-leash, this is where you want to go. At Trigg Bushland Reserve your dog is sure to enjoy the fresh air and spacious room to roam through and investigate.

Jandakot – Yarra Vista Enclosed Dog Park

Head over to Yarra Vista Enclosed Dog Park in Jandakot for a separated big and small dog enclosure, lots of shade, agility obstacles, and a double-gated entrance for extra security. There’s also a playground for kids situated between the two pens if you want to bring the human kids along too.

Scarborough – Abbett Park Reserve

The Abbett Park Reserve is an equally wonderful dog walking or dog watching outpost, with trails, wetlands, and simply just lots of room to explore off the leash.

Piara Waters – Newhaven Dog Park

The Newhaven Dog Park is a fabulous dog park with a separated big and small dog area. It’s a perfect place for dogs of all sizes to socialise in a secure environment.

Wembley – Lake Monger Reserve

The Lake Monger Reserve is often visited by residents from all over the city because it’s such a beautiful lake with a path all the way around. Other than taking your dog of a scenic on-lead walk, you will find an off-leash exercise area in the south-east corner of the Lake Monger Reserve.

Did we miss an Off-Leash Dog Exercise Park in Perth?

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