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What Are The Best Toys for Pugs? (3+ Recommendations)

What Are The Best Toys for Pugs? (3+ Recommendations)

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Pugs are one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, they’ve been featured in movies, music videos, and advertising campaigns.

Much of their fame can be attributed to the fact that they are loyal and affectionate toward their owners, which makes them a popular choice for a companion family dog.

Because pugs bring so much joy into our lives, we want to make them happy too, by doing our best to give them the best quality of life possible.

But when it comes to toys and exercise, pugs can be a bit different from many other dog breeds. Due to their shortened nose, pugs may struggle with physical activity.

Often, short walks and fun games with adequate toys for pugs are more suitable than going for jogs or throwing balls as you would with a more active dog breed.

These days, it’s easy to find all kinds of dog toys on the market but they’re not all equally suitable for all types of dog breeds.

In this article, we’ll explore the best toys for pugs and what pugs like to play with.

What Are The Best Toys For Pugs?

Pugs may have a reputation for being lazy but not all pugs are like that, and even if they are, it doesn’t mean that they’re not playful.

In particular, lots of pugs like to combine yummy food with playtime. So, many pugs like to play with flavoured toys and toys with treat rewards.

Let’s look at some examples.

Kong Goodie Bone For Pugs

Image by KONG

Kong is a popular brand for rubber dog toys, especially the ones that can be stuffed and filled with food to make them more interesting.

  • Goodie Bone can be filled with treats on both ends
  • Great for your pugs natural instinctual need to play, chew, and investigate
  • The pink-colored bone is relatively soft which encourages chewing. This is good, because it’s a natural instinct for dogs to chew, but if the material is not strong enough for your pug, you can “upgrade” to a different, stronger color (for example, the black range is for “extreme” chewers)
  • From $15.08. See on Amazon

Kong Wobbler For Pugs

Image by KONG
  • A Kong Wobbler is an interactive dog toy that can be filled with treats and “wobbles” when your pug pushes the toy around to get the treats out
  • It’s a great toy for pugs because they can play with it at their own pace
  • What’s also good about Kong Wobblers compared to other similar interactive toys, is that they can be screwed open to put treats inside
  • With some other dog toys, treats need to be put into the hole individually, which is very time-consuming
  • From $30.97. See on Amazon

Plush Toy For Pugs

Image by KONG
  • This is the most popular plush dog toy we know about
  • It’s more durable than many other plush toys, and the knotted skeleton on the inside will satisfy your pugs’ instincts
  • Many dogs like to cuddle with this toy, and you can also use it to play hide and seek with your pug (make your pug wait while you hide the toy, and then have them find it. Start with a very easy hiding spot and slowly make it more difficult)
  • Available in different sizes and packs of 2 if you like to have a back-up while you putting the other toy into the washing machine
  • From $11.25. See on Amazon

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