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11+ Cute Dog Pillows For Australian Dogs

11+ Cute Dog Pillows For Australian Dogs

Image by Sincerely Media

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Dog pillows are a type of sleeping surface for your dog. And when it comes to sleeping, many dogs will choose to nap in different places.

Some like the floor, others like a cozy dog bed with a foam mattress, some dogs like your bed more than any other place, and others like dog pillows. You’ll learn about your dog’s preferences over time, as there’s unfortunately no way of knowing until you’ve tried. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on places for your dog to sleep, here’s an article about wooden dog beds, and here’s one about wicker dog beds.

One of the benefits of dog pillows is that they’re versatile. They’ll look good on the floor by themselves, but they will also often fit well into a crate or car. And they are also easy to bring along for picnics or beach trips. 

The other good thing about dog pillows is that it’s easy to change covers. So, if you have multiple covers in a matching size to your dog pillow, you can always have variety in style plus it makes doing laundry a bit easier too 🙂 

Table of Contents

Eco-friendly Dog Pillow

Image by P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle & You

Orthopaedic Dog Pillow

Image by Scruffs

Handmade Dog Pillow

Image by FurryPeachDesigns
  • Cotton orange fabric with pom-poms
  • Eco-friendly & non-allergenic inserts
  • From $100 on Etsy

Boho Dog Pillow

Image by Nala and Paws
  • Inspired by Moroccan design
  • Stuffing is 100% PET fibre made of recycled plastic bottles
  • From $155 on Etsy

Hand painted Dog Pillow Cover

Image by dayswithray
  • Sewn from canvas drop cloth
  • Each cover is hand painted
  • Cover only, no insert
  • From $40 on Etsy

Snooza Organic Green

Image by Snooza

Kazoo Dog Pillow

Image by Kazoo

Large Dog Pillow

Image by paws & claws

Explore different types of large dog beds here: 7+ Large Dog Bed Ideas for Australian Dogs

Calming Dog Pillow

Image by Zenify

Linen Dog Pillow

Image by Nala & Paws
  • Unique & stylish dog bed
  • 100% PET fibre insert made from recycled plastic bottles
  • From $155 on Etsy

Modern Dog Pillow

Image by MyBeachsideStyle
  • Modern Zig Zag design Pet Bed/Cushion that will compliment your decor
  • From $35 on Etsy

Dachshund Dog Pillow Cover

  • Ready for you to add two pillows
  • Great for 1 large or 2 medium dogs
  • From $55 on Etsy

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