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Dog Backpack Carriers: Everything You Should Know

Dog Backpack Carriers: Everything You Should Know

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Dog backpack carriers are becoming increasingly popular because they help us bring our dog along to places we couldn’t otherwise.

This article is all about backpack carriers, so, to carry dogs inside a backpack.

If you’re looking for dog backpacks for dogs to carry (as opposed to humans carrying dogs inside a backpack), check out this article: 3+ Great Dog Backpacks For Australians

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What is the best dog carrier backpack?

If you have a smaller breed dog, we have good news for you: There’s finally a dog backpack carrier out there that gets great reviews from other dog owners.

It’s an American brand and called the K9 Sport Sack. For Australians the easiest way to buy it is through Amazon. It sold for $115 at the time of writing, and was available in 13 colors and 3 different sizes. Click here to check the latest price.

Image by K9 Sport Sack

Are dog backpack carriers safe?

There’s no simple answer to this as all dogs are different.

That said, the K9 Sport Sack is Vet-Approved and a lot of work has gone into their design and manufacturing to make sure the dog backpack carriers are as safe and comfortable as possible.

It’s important to take your time to get your dog used to being carried inside a backpack carrier. Start for small periods of time and slowly increase.

Also common sense is important here: If your dog does not look comfortable, don’t force them to stay inside the carrier.

Do dogs like being carried in backpacks?

As mentioned above, all dogs are different, so you’ll have to try it out to find out whether your dog likes being carried inside a backpack.

Some dogs are absolutely fearless and excited to be able to tag along anywhere with their owners.

Other dogs may find the idea of being inside a backpack a bit suss, and won’t warm out to it. Or they may have a health condition that makes it uncomfortable for them.

If you go to the US Amazon listing of the K9 Sport Sack (clicking this link will get you there), you can read through 2,000+ reviews from other dog owners and their experience.

Be cautious not to buy through US Amazon to avoid paying high shipping fees and custom duties. This is the link for Amazon Australia, and if not out of stock, the backpack should ship from within Australia, however it’s always best to double-check when you’re on the website.

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