Where To Get Your Dog A Cozy Sleeping Bag in Australia

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We all know what it feels like when we don’t get enough sleep, and a bunch of studies suggest that dogs can suffer from a lack of good quality sleep too!

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to get your dog a sleeping bag for better quality sleep. But if you notice that your dog has a tendency to get comfortable under cover, it might be worthwhile to invest in one.

Just like people, all dogs have a unique personality and varying preferences. Some dogs couldn’t care less where they sleep. We know of many dog owners who spent lots of money on comfy dog beds but their dog continued to prefer to sleep on the cold tiles instead.

If you ask us, we think a dog sleeping bag makes sense when you already know that your dog likes to get comfy under covers. Also, if your dog hangs out on the couch with you, or sleeps in bed with you, giving them their own sleeping bag can increase comfort for both of you. 

The obvious is also camping trips. If you once had to make a choice between sharing your sleeping bag with your dog or watching your dog suffer from the cold at night, you’ll know that neither of them have been a good choice to make, and you’ll probably want to be better prepared for the next trip (and maybe even bring an entire dog backpack with all your dog’s important bits).

We’ve done some research, and in this article we’ll show you everything we learned and where you can get your dog a sleeping bag in Australia.

What are the different types of sleeping bags for dogs?

There are different types of sleeping bags that you can get for your dog, depending on the reason you’re getting one.

For example, if you’re looking for something cozy to have in your living room, you might be interested in a den-type sleeping bag.

Or if you’re looking for a solution for traveling and camping trips, you’re probably after an easy-to-pack and properly insulated sleeping bag.

Here are some of the most common types of sleeping bags for dogs:

Dog Sleeping Bags that ship from Australia

To be completely honest with you, we have to admit that is was a bit hard to find many dog sleeping bags locally. There are some great hand-made options on Etsy and a few choices on online retailers such as Amazon, but not much in between.

If you know of an Australian small business that sells dog sleeping bags, please let us know so that we can add them to the list!

Dog Den Bed

Husky sleeping in a dog cave bed

Found on Amazon, this snuggly bed includes an orthopaedic support foam.

Furhaven Campign Bed

Blue sleeping bag for dogs by Anaconda brands.

We found this popular camping bed with a two-colour reversible design on Amazon.

Dog Cave Bed

Handmade dog cave bed

Choose from many different styles of handmade cave beds, shipped from Cairns, QLD.

Dog Snuggle Sack

Chihuahua inside a dog pod
Image: wilandessie | Available from $69 on Etsy

This cute dog snuggle sack is machine-washable and ships from Brisbane, QLD.

Dog Sleeping Bags that ship from Overseas

As you know, we typically prioritise products from Australian businesses in all our content. When it comes to sleeping bags for dogs, we found it a bit hard to find much locally.

Especially when it comes to camping-style sleeping bags. So, we decided to add some international options too to give you a fuller picture of what types of sleeping bags you can get for your dog. 

Camping Dog Bed

Outdoor sleeping bag for dogs

This durable, waterproof camping sleeping bag ships from the US with the quickest delivery option taking about 12 days.

Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Dog on a kayak inside a sleeping bag

Another cozy choice for outdoor trips is this beautifully designed dog sleeping bag. Ships from the US, fastest delivery taking about 12 days. 

Wilder Dog Sleeping Bag

A dog in a sleeping bag from the brand Wilder Dog

Made with a durable rip stop fabric and extra soft filling, this sleeping bags ships from the US.

Cuddle Cave Bed

Dog peeking out a dog cave beda
Image: AtelierFilousion | Available from $164.33 on Etsy | Ships from Germany

Here’s a stylish dog cave bed, found on Etsy and shipped from Germany. Takes about a month for delivery.



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