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15+ Amazing Leather Dog Collars From Australian Creatives

15+ Amazing Leather Dog Collars From Australian Creatives

Dog wearing leather dog collar

How hard is it to find a high-quality leather dog collar in Australia? Our dog’s collar and leash are amongst the most important purchases, so it just makes sense to invest in something that’s high quality and long-lasting.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best Leather Dog Collars in Australia we could find. Let’s get to it. 

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Pre-Shopping Advice

Be careful if you only just got your puppy as many breeds will outgrow their collar a couple of times until they are 7-ish months old. Also, if you have a strong dog who still pulls heaps, it might be worthwhile considering getting a dog harness instead.

What to look out for in a Leather Dog Collar

Similar to other types of dog collars, the buckle is the most important part. What you’re looking for is a sturdy buckle that won’t fall apart when your dog pulls on the leash.

Most leather dog collars will have a buckle, rather than a snap that will hold the collar in place as well as to adjust the size of the collar.

When it comes to sizing, the collar should be loose enough for you to be able to slip your finger under it. If your dog is still growing in size, don’t forget to regularly check the collar to make sure it’s not getting too tight. Also, it’s a good idea to take it off periodically to check your dog’s neck for skin irritations.

Benefits of Leather Dog Collars

Here are some common benefits of leather dog collars:

  • Longevity: While leather dog collars may be more expensive initially, they often last much longer than nylon dog collars
  • Being all natural, leather can be less irritating than other synthetic materials
  • No snap: Many dogs don’t like the loud sound of the a plastic snap buckle right next to their ear

Personalised Custom Leather Collars With Name

Below are some great picks for personalised custom leather collars with name from different states across Australia.

Alice Springs | NT

Natural leather dog collar
Image by NicePaws

This beautiful tan leather dog collar is hand-made in Alice Springs with optional personalisation to add your dog’s name.

Rosebud | VIC

Different colours leather dog collars
Image by LuluLovesShop

These colourful leather dog collars with optional personalisation are crated in Victoria.

Perth | WA

Yellow leather dog collar
Image by AORAstudios

Natural veg tanned leather dog collars, cut and coloured by hand. Personalisation available.

Plain Leather Collars

Like it plain? Check out the beautiful plain leather dog collars below.

Murwillumbah | NSW

Pink leather dog collar
Image by Catherinemarydesigns

This pink leather dog collar complete with a gold buckle is made of PU leather.

Geelong | VIC

Image by IntegralLeather

Perfect for every day wear, this navy blue collar is can be paired with brass or matte nickel.

Perth | WA

Leather dog collar
Image by CollarAndRuff

This brown leather dog collar is made of premium latigo and brindle leather with durable hardware.

Quirky Leather Collars

Are you after something quirky? Below are our three favourite picks to inspire you!

Rosebud | VIC

Design leather dog collars, yellow, pink, purple, green
Image by LuluLovesShop

Luxurious vegetable tanned leather with a coat of freckles!

Hobart | TAS

Leather design dog colours, pink, orange, blue, tan
Image by Peens & Co

Painted Leather Dog Collars with unique Animal Print.

Melbourne | VIC

Pink leather dog collars with bow
Image by MooAndTwig

This cute customisable hand-painted leather dog collar comes with a bow tie. 

Classic Brown Leather Dog Collars

Like the classic brown? Below are some great choices for brown dog collars!

Woodend | VIC

Image by WoodlanderStore

This premium leather dog collar is designed and built to last.

Geelong | VIC

Image by IntegralLeather

Full-grain Australian leather with optional personalisation to add your dog’s name.

Newman | WA

Image by thedailypawstore

If you’re after a matching set check out this hand-made brown leather collar and leash combo.

Pink Leather Dog Collars

If pink is your colour check out these cute pink leather dog collars.

Perth | WA

Image by AORAstudios

Here’s a pink leather dog collar that can be customised to include your dog’s name. 

Sydney | NSW


You can get this beautiful collar and bow combo in pink, dusk pink and rose pink.

Rosebud | VIC

Image by LuluLovesShop

This braided pink leather dog collar is made from luxurious vegetable tanned leather.

Leather Dog Harness

If you’re in the market for a leather dog harness, check out these options:

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