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7+ Gifts For Dog Lovers [Australia Edition]

7+ Gifts For Dog Lovers [Australia Edition]

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Attention Aussies who need a gift for a fellow dog lover!
We’re all about supporting local here at Dogs of Australia, so we’ve put together this handy guide full of unique Australian gifts for dog owners. 

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The Pet Refresher Spray

For the adventurous who like to get dirty and explore places off the beaten track: The Pet Refresher Spray from Cider & Basil. This pet-safe, sulphate and paraben-free spray acts as a deodorant to help combat daily dog odours.

Dog refresher spray with mandarin and lemon
Image by Cider & Basil

Owner and Dog Illustration

If they have everything else, it’s time to get them a custom dog illustration. Made in Adelaide, these custom portraits make for a great tasteful gift. 

Illustrated portrait of dog with owner
Image by LittleGingerDesigns on Etsy

Crochet Dog Toy

For the dog parent that has a little human too. These beautiful crochet toys come in more breeds that we can list here – from corgi to kelpie to bulldog, there’s something for everyone and they’re hand-made in Victoria. 

Hand holding crochet dog toy
Image by aidieandjellybean on Etsy

Dog Cushion

Help your favourite dog lover get cozy with one of these cute pet cushions. Shipped from Melbourne, at the time of writing they had 99 different types of pillows listed, so well worth checking out for a unique gift. 

Chihuahua Dog Cushion
Image by CushionCoAustralia on Etsy

Dog Bandana

For the fashionistas, check out this beautiful hand-made dog bandana inspired by the Australian Kookaburra. 

Dog Bandana with Kookaburra bird
Image by BonaFidoPetProducts on Etsy

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mats are used for enrichment activities, where treats are hidden and the dog gets to use their nose to sniff them out. It’s a great type of mental exercise that doesn’t require the owner to do much, which makes them a great gift dog owners who like the chill life. 

Snuffle mat for dogs
Image by SnoodyB on Etsy

Dog Treats

Delight the dog owner who has everything with some yummy Australian treats. Made and shipped from Queensland, the Dog Mums Bakery has a good variety to choose from, including chews and personalised dog cookies. 

Packaged backed dog treats
Image by TheDogMumsBakery on Etsy

Dog Print Scrubs

If you’re looking for a gift for someone working in the medical, dental or vet industry, why not get them a dog print scrub cap? Handmade and shipped from Brisbane, these scrubs are made with 100% cotton and are fully washable. 

Scrub with dog print
Image by DesignsbySparrow on Etsy

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