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14+ Labrador Gift Ideas

14+ Labrador Gift Ideas

Brown labrador dog looking at camera

Here are some cool Labrador-themed gift ideas. You’ll find inspiration for it all: From Labrador dad gifts to Labrador gifts for the home, all the way to gifts for the Labrador dog, there’s something for everyone.

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Labrador Socks

Image by PinkandDink

From $26.53 | Ships from Melbourne

Tea Towel

Image by MoodyMooseDesigns

From $15 | Ships from Brisbane

Personalised Ornament

Image by BrooklinStudio

From $17.49 | Ships from Australia

Black Labrador Oven Mitt

Image by Caroline’s Treasures

From $22.23 | Ships from Australia

Labrador Line Art Print

Image by CreatedByCaylee

From $15 | Ships from Perth

Labrador Bamboo Earrings

Image by KMFDesignz

From $19.95 | Ships from Brisbane

Labrador Tote Bag

Image by possumthelabel

From $24.99 | Ships from Brisbane

Crochet Toy

Image by BonnieAndBillie

From $24.99 | Ships from Melbourne

Garden Art Sculpture

Image by TheImageIndustry

From $69.56 | Free shipping from the UK

Personalised Labrador Print

Image by lovearhino

From$13.95 | Ships from Melbourne

Gift Ideas For Your Labrador Dog

If you’re looking for Christmas presents for your Labrador, a birthday gift, a gotcha day present, or simply a “just-because” present, below are some great options to get you inspired!

Retrieving Dumbbell

Image by J&J Dog Supplies

Engage the natural instincts of your dog with a retrieving dumbbell. From $28.13 | Ships from Australia

Enrichment Cube

Image by PebblesandPaws

Your Labrador will love to sniff out the treats of these beautiful puzzle cubes. From $33 | Ships from QLD


Image by BarknMeowShop

Treat your dog with some yum probiotics! From $4 | Ships from Brisbane

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