17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia

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I’m excited to share with you some amazing pug gift ideas for the dog lover in your life.

From pug mom gifts, to pug homewares, to Christmas presents for the actual pug dog (and not their human), there’s something for everyone.

All gift ideas are by Australian creatives and are shipped domestically. Let’s get right into it!

Chubby Pug Enamel Pin

17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia
Image: NeonRepublic

This cute enamel pin ships from Burleigh Waters in QLD.

Pug Sign

17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia
Image by DarrensPRINTS

This metal sign ships from Brisbane.

Pug Doormat

17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia
Image: Doorcandydoormats

Let everyone know there’s a pug in the house with this cool doormat. Ships from Perth, WA.

Pug Statue

17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia
Image by MyHomeWaresAust

This cute pug statue ships from NSW.

Pug Candle

17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia
Image: Elliotstreasures

This adorable pug beeswax candle is handmade in Melbourne.

Gift Ideas For Your Pug Dog

If you’re looking for Christmas presents for pugs, a birthday gift, a gotcha day present, or simply a “just-because” present, below are some great options to get you inspired!

Hide and Seek Toy

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Image by Outward Hound

Hide and seek toys are known to sharpen our dog’s natural instincts. See on Amazon.

Kong Wobbler

17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia
Image by KONG

Many furparents’ favourite type of Kong! See on Amazon.


17+ Pug Gift Ideas From Australia 71NvK1bpWrL. AC SL1500
Image by Lickimat

Licking can help your dog to calm down more easily. See on Amazon.

About Pugs

Pugs are one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, known for their cute faces and friendly and bright mannerism.

The origin of the breed is believed to be more than 2000 years ago in the Chinese Empire. As the story goes, they bred the breed as an imperial dog out of a few dogs similar to mastiffs.

Following that, it was exclusively only the emperor’s privilege to own and touch this special breed of dog.

Presumably the dogs that were not suitable for breeding were sold to the people at a high price. And with time, that’s how the pug became a popular choice of breed for all types of people across the world.

Over time, pugs have been selectively bred to achieve the flat-faced look they have now.

Unfortunately modern pugs often suffer from breathing difficulties due to their flat snouts and tendency to gain too much weight easily.

There’s currently a breeding movement to go back to the old appearance of the breed. The breeders of the so-called ‘retro pug’ specialise in breeding the original, long-snouted pug.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Hopefully one of our other gift guides for dog lovers will help 🙂



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