Silent Dog Tags: Where To Get A Slide-On Tag In Australia

Silent dog tags are becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners who don’t like regular dog tags.

The reasons for this can vary, but below are some common examples:

  • Small breed dogs and dogs with short legs can often find normal pet tags annoying when they dangle down from their collar.
  • Regular dog tags also tend to tangle, which can sometimes be a safety risk, depending on your circumstances.
  • Many people simple don’t like listening noisy tags in their home.

The good news is that you can avoid all those problems by simply getting a silent dog tag (from $22.95 at Paws Up Club) for your pet.

Dog wearing a silent dog tag
Image by Paws Up Club

What is a silent dog tag?

Silent dog tags slide on the collar, rather than getting attached with a clip or split ring.

Typically there a two types of silent dog tags:

  • Metal-only slide-on tag
  • Silicone and metal slide-on tag

We tested both, and preferred the silicone slide-on tag (pictured above).

At first, the metal-only silent tag (pictured below) may look like a better choice to some. But metal is a very hard material, which in this case comes with downsides.

Two types of metal slide on silent pet tags
Two common types of metal-only slide on tags

Downsides of metal-only silent tags

  • Because metal can’t be bend, it’s tricky to put it on a collar (the silicone silent tags are a lot more elastic, meaning you can stretch the opening when sliding the tag on a collar).
  • The edges are hard and a bit sharp, which actually scratched (damaged) our collar while fiddling it through the opening. This worried us because it means there’s a risk it could scratch the skin of our dog too.

How durable are silicone silent dog tags?

Here’s a stretch-test video from the Paws Up Club:



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