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8+ Stylish Pink Dog Beds For Australian Dogs

8+ Stylish Pink Dog Beds For Australian Dogs

Pug with pink dog bed

No more boring dog beds!

If pink is your colour and your dog likes to snooze, we may have a pink dog bed or five we’d love to show you.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Pink Floral Dog Cave Bed

  • Handmade dog cave bed in pink floral design
  • Light and easy to carry as a travel bed
  • Ships from Cairns, Queensland
  • From $94. See on Etsy

Blush Pink Dog Pillow Bed (Cover Only)

Image by SillySausagesandCo
  • Blush pink dog bed
  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Beds are un-filled (cover only) – fill by reusing items around the house such as cushion inserts, doona/quilt, blankets, old clothing or towels
  • Ships from Sydney, New South Wales
  • From $49.99. See on Etsy

Pink Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Image by LuvlyPets
  • Comfortable memory foam pillow
  • Easy to wash thanks to zipper design
  • Ships from Turkey.
  • Free shipping at the time of writing this article
  • From $96. See on Etsy

Pink Farmhouse-style Dog Bed Cover

Image by LittleYellowNest
  • Classic envelope style design
  • Each bed cover is made from beautiful high quality decor weight fabric that is both durable and machine washable
  • No zippers or buttons for your dog to chew or pull
  • Free personalisation
  • Ships from South Carolina, United States
  • From $59. See on Etsy

Pink Eskimo Bed

Image by Fuzzyard
  • Shape encourages your pet to curl up, while the outer material is very soft and plush
  • Polyester fibre with feather-soft filling including a lift-out cushion
  • Available in sizes small and medium
  • Ships from Australia
  • From $49. See on Pet Circle

Pink Calming Dog Bed

Image by Zenify Pets Store
  • Calming dog bed for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Soft faux fur and high walls are perfect for pets who love to curl up in a safe and cosy bed
  • From $39.95. See on Amazon

Cozy Pink Dog Bed

Image by HaustierStore
  • Great for dogs who like to wrap themselves in blankets, dogs with thin skin and no undercoat and hairless dogs
  • Possesses high air permeability and heat-insulating properties, hypoallergenic
  • Made of furniture fabric and plush
  • Ships from Ukraine
  • Free delivery at the time of writing this article
  • From $115. See on Etsy

Pink Dog Teepee Bed

Image by DogAndTeepee
  • Hand-made from heavy-weight fabric, local natural wood, and eco-friendly fiber
  • Personalisation possible
  • Ships from Ukraine
  • From $107. See on Etsy

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