6+ Unique Dog Tags With Free Engraving From Brisbane

Help protect your dog in the event of getting lost with a locally designed, unique dog tag.

All dog name tags include free, permanent engraving and are shipped from Brisbane, Australia.

These beautiful unique dog tags are not only to identify our beloved pets, but also to celebrate their personalities.

You can make a cheeky statement or pick something more ‘cute & cuddly’. It’s your decision. There’s a pet name tag for every furry personality.

Unique Dog Tags Australia – Lookbook

We’re excited to share with you the first six limited edition pet id tag designs, with more to come in the future.

Design #1: Call My Momager – Dog Tag

Dog wearing blue dog tag in "Call my Momager" design
Escape the ordinary with the beautiful “Call My Momager” dog tag. Image by @flufffidel

Design #2: Oh My Dog – Dog Tag

Dog wearing dark blue dog tag in "Oh my dog" style
The “Oh My Dog” dog tag is one of the most popular designs. Image by @Hotchocwilson

Design #3: Love Wins – Dog Tag

Dog wearing rainbow-shaped dog tag in "Love wins" design
Spread all the positive vibes with the “Love Wins” dog tag. Image by @Brucekrapy

Design #4: Treats – Dog Tag

Dog wearing pink heart-shaped dog tag in "Treats" design
Brighten your favourite collar with style by adding the “Treats” dog tag. Image by @Tessaoliveoodle

Design #5: Hotter Than Your Ex – Dog Tag

Brown border collie dog wearing a red dog tag saying "Hotter than your Ex"
If you’re into sassy statements you’ll love the “Hotter Than Your Ex” dog tag.

Design #6: Life Is Short And So Am I – Dog Tag

Dog wearing pink heart-shaped dog tag in "Life is short" design
The search for unique statement pieces ends here with the cheeky Life is short and so am I – Dog Tag. Image by @Lady.lulu.chi



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