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3+ Cool Dog Blankets For Australian Dogs & Puppies

3+ Cool Dog Blankets For Australian Dogs & Puppies

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What is the best dog blanket for Australian dogs?

It depends on what you need the dog blanket for. Dog owners use dog blankets for many different reasons.

  • To protect the couch or bed from dog hair, dirt, and scratches
  • To protect the car seat from dog hair, dirt, and scratches
  • To make a crate more comfortable
  • Some dogs like to snuggle underneath blankets
  • To protect the dog bed from dog hair, dirt, and scratches
  • To give their dog a dedicated area to sleep when traveling

Here are some dog blankets we like:

Super Soft Coral Fleece Puppy Pet Blanket

Image by BLEVET
  • Very soft, super warm and ideal for adding a little more extra comfort to dog bed.
  • Helps keep your pet hair away from furniture and upholstery for Couch, Car, Kennel, …
  • Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors
  • Made of environment friendly thick soft comfy fleece. Easy to care for and extremely durable.
  • From $16.99. See on Amazon

Petmaker Waterproof Pet Blanket

Image by Petmaker
  • Waterproof: This soft blanket protects your furniture while helping your pup feel comfortable
  • Reversible: Soft plush on one side and fuzzy Sherpa on the other
  • Machine washable
  • From $41.87. See on Amazon

Mog & Bone Plush Dog Blanket

Image by Mog & Bone
  • Effortlessly combines style & comfort
  • Super Soft Fleece and 100% cotton canvas (durable printed cotton canvas on one side and a warm, soft fleece on the reverse side)
  • Machine Washable
  • From $32.99. See on Amazon

Flannelette Cotton Pet Rug or Blanket

Image by HaveDogWillTravelCo
  • Genuine handmade Pet rug made from 100% new flannelette cotton
  •  Van be used for a blanket, travel, camping, crate training, comforting, protecting furniture, car back seat covers and anything else you may find it handy for.
  • Ships from Victoria.
  • From $45. See on Etsy

What is the best material for a dog blanket?

The best and most common materials for dog blankets are fleece, cotton, and polyester.

Dog blankets can be made of many different materials. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, or are better suited than others for different uses.

But the ones mentioned above are the easiest to clean. Blankets made from wool for example, can be more difficult to clean, because they need to be washed by hands or at 30 degrees.


The benefits of fleece dog blankets are that they can be washed in the washing machine, they dry quickly and they’re soft and comfortable for your dog.


The benefits of cotton dog blankets are similar to the ones of fleece dog blankets, and additionally it’s also easier to remove hair from products made of cotton.

Do dogs need blankets to sleep?

No, dogs don’t need blankets to sleep. But some dogs like them, and then it’s nice to do something nice for our dogs by giving them one. Also, some dogs may like a blanket sometime, but not all the time. It’s just personal preference, similar to humans.

Do anxiety blankets for dogs work?

Anxiety blankets for dogs are thought to work in a similar way to Thundershirts, or anxiety blankets for humans for that matter. It’s the weight and the gentle pressure it applies, that’s said to have calming effects, which may decrease feelings of anxiety and stress.

Similar to Thundershirts for dogs, and weighted blankets for humans, anxiety blankets for dogs may be an absolute miracle helper for some, but may also not do anything at all for others.

All dogs are individuals with their own preferences. So, the only way the find out is to try it out.

That said, there are some safety hazards to be cautious of when purchasing an anxiety blanket for your dog.

It’s important to pay close attention to the type of filling material, and to make sure they’re non-toxic.

Also, the anxiety blanket should not be too heavy for your dog – be extra careful with small breeds, puppies, and dogs with flat faces who may already have breathing issues.

In general, it’s a good idea to discuss the topic with your vet before you try one out.

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