Hydro Therapy For Dogs: 5 Surprising Benefits

Hydro therapy for dogs, also known as aqua therapy, is a type of physical therapy that typically consists of walking or swimming in water. It has a range of benefits for dogs and is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option in Australia.

One of the main benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs is that it allows them to exercise without putting too much strain on their joints. This is because the buoyancy of the water helps to support their weight, making it easier for them to move around. Hydrotherapy can also help to improve chronic conditions by increasing muscle strength and reducing inflammation, which can be beneficial for dogs with conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Benefits of Hydro Therapy for Dogs

Let’s take a look at some of the most surprising benefits of hydro therapy for dogs:

1. It can help to improve mobility and reduce joint pain.

Dogs with hip problems, arthritis, or other musculoskeletal issues often find hydrotherapy to be a great way to keep active without putting too much strain on their joints.

2. It can help to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Swimming in water is a great form of exercise, as it stimulates the heart and lungs while also increasing blood flow throughout the body. This can be beneficial for dogs who may not be able to get enough exercise on land.

3. It can help to reduce inflammation and improve muscle tone.

The hydrostatic pressure of the water, combined with its gentle resistance, can help to reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the body. This can benefit dogs who have conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, which are often characterised by soreness and stiffness in the joints.

dog in pool
Image: Anthony Duran on Unsplash

4. It helps to improve overall fitness and well-being.

Hydrotherapy can be a great way to strengthen and tone your dog’s muscles, while also improving their overall fitness level and mood. Many dogs find hydrotherapy to be an enjoyable form of exercise, which can help them to stay active and happy for years to come.

5. It is becoming more widely available across Australia

While hydrotherapy has traditionally been used as a form of rehabilitation for injured dogs or those with physical disabilities, it is becoming increasingly popular as a general wellness treatment. Many dog owners are now turning to hydro therapy as a way to keep their beloved companions healthy and active for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydro Therapy for Dogs

Here are some of the most common questions that dog owners have about hydrotherapy:

Is hydrotherapy good for dogs?

Yes, hydrotherapy can be very beneficial for dogs, as it helps to improve their cardiovascular fitness and endurance, reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles, and strengthen overall muscle tone.

Does hydrotherapy helps dogs with arthritis?

Yes, hydrotherapy is often recommended as a treatment option for dogs with arthritis as it can help to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility. However, it is important to consult with your vet before starting hydrotherapy in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan for your dog’s specific needs.

dog in front of pool
Image: Dan V on Unsplash

Can hydrotherapy help dogs lose weight?

Hydrotherapy can be a great way to help dogs lose weight and stay in shape. It works by stimulating the heart and lungs while increasing blood flow throughout the body, which can help to burn more calories and build lean muscle mass. However, it is important to consult with your vet about diet and exercise recommendations for your dog’s specific needs.

How often should a dog go to hydrotherapy?

The frequency and duration of hydrotherapy sessions will depend largely on the individual needs of your dog. Typically, hydrotherapy is recommended for dogs at least once per week for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. However, your vet may recommend more or less depending on your dog’s health condition and fitness level.

Where can I find hydrotherapy near me?

We recommend asking your regular vet for a recommendation. You can also type “hydrotherapy for dogs” into the search bar on Google Maps to see what’s available near you, or you can check the search bar on our website to see if we have a suitable article published (such as the one about hydrotherapy for dogs around Perth).

We hope this article has helped to answer your questions about hydrotherapy for dogs. For more information and to find a hydrotherapy facility near you, be sure to talk to your regular vet or do some online research to find the best option for your dog’s needs. Good luck!



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