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Gift Ideas under $25

Gift Ideas under $25

Christmas presents

Are you looking for a small gift for someone special? Check out these cool gift ideas for under $25. From gifts for the dogs all the way to gifts for the humans, there’s something gorgeous for everyone!

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Santa Sack

Image by SerendipityDesignCnr

From $23 | Ships from Sydney, NSW

Puppy Dog Suncatcher

Image by DesignedGlass

From $19 | Ships from Newcastle, NSW

Healthy Treats

Image by TheGoldenBoneBakery

From $4.95 | Ships from Brisbane, QLD

Custom Line Drawing

Image by designfullshop

From $20 | Digital File

Family Ornament

Image by byrnesSHOPUC

From $23.39 | Ships from NSW

Christmas Bandana

Image by tallandfluffyaus

From $12, Ships from Perth, WA

Enamel Keyring

Image by SophieMcPike

From $15 | Ship from Melbourne, VIC

Dog Bow Tie

Image by cloverandcocollectiv

From $12, Ships from NSW

Dog Patch

Image by PetHaus

From $7.95 | Ship from Melbourne, VIC

Dog Collar

Image by MelodysPetCollars

From $23 | Ships from Brisbane, QLD

Paw Bracelet

Image by InVogueDesignStudio

From $23.85, Ships from Melbourne, VIC

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