Is Shark Cartilage Good For Dogs?

Seen shark cartilage at your local pet shop and now you’re wondering what it is?

As the name suggests, it’s made from a shark’s skeleton (they don’t have bones, but cartilaginous skeletons instead).

Shark cartilage as a treat can be good for dogs because it’s natural, low calorie, and may help in keeping your dogs teeth clean. Bear in mind though that all dogs are unique and some might not tolerate them well.

There’s also a little research that suggests that the natural compounds found in cartilage may help with the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.

However, because there aren’t many definitive studies available, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before giving shark cartilage to your pet for medical reasons.

Is Shark Cartilage Good For Dogs? shark cartilage for dogs 1
Shark cartilage for dogs

Does shark cartilage clean dogs teeth?

Yes, shark cartilage will help clean your dogs teeth, but it won’t replace brushing your dogs teeth with a suitable dog toothpaste on a regular basis.

As a chew treat, shark cartilage is considered safer than bones because it’s softer and therefore less likely to cause damage to your dogs’ teeth.

However, if you’re giving your dog chew treats, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them and, if in doubt about anything, chat to your veterinarian.

Dog eating shark cartilage

Where to buy shark cartilage for dogs?

We recommend purchasing shark cartilage for dogs from brands that source their products as responsibly and sustainably as possible.

Here are some examples:

Clear Dog Treats (QLD)

Their shark products are either 100% North Queensland Black Tip or Australian Gummy shark, which are caught using sustainable practices with managed quotas by Australian fisheries.

Skinny Dog Pet Treats (WA)

Their shark products are made from 100% sustainably sourced Western Australian shark cartilage.

Sharky Dog Chews (VIC)

Their shark products are 100% Australian Shark produced and caught in an Australian Government ecologically sustained managed Fisheries.



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