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[GIFT GUIDE] Ideas For Staffy Lovers

[GIFT GUIDE] Ideas For Staffy Lovers

Staffy running on beach

I’m excited to share with you some amazing gift ideas for the Staffy parent in your life.

From Staffy dad gifts, to Staffy homewares, to Christmas presents for the actual Staffordshire Bull Terrier (and not their human), there’s something for everyone.

All gift ideas are by Australian creatives and are shipped domestically. Let’s get right into it!

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Staffy Sign

Image by RenmyStoreHomewares

Staffy Coffee Mug

Image by MountVicandMe
  • The perfect gift for the Staffy parent who loves their coffee just as much!
  • From $32 on Etsy

Staffy Poems Book

Image by Rachel Oates
  • The perfect coffee table book, full of poems from the perspective of Kyra the Staffy.
  • From $26.06 on Amazon

Staffy Enamel Pin

Image by DearBeetle

Who wouldn’t like a cute Staffy enamel pin as a small gift?

Staffy Keyring

Image by ArtistCreationsKaren

Never loose your keys again with this cute Staffy keyring.

Staffy Birthday Card

Image by CreativeWrightWA

Don’t forget the matching card to go along with your gift!

Matching Bandana & Scrunchie

Image by TheSophisticatedPet

This matching bandana & scrunchie ships from Sydney!

Staffy Mama Shirt

Image by PupBoutiqueAU

This cute Staffy Mama shirt ships from Adelaide. 

Image by TheCookieArtistAU

Perfect for Christmas and all other seaons – a Staffy cookie cutter!

Staffy Bracelet

Image by ArtistCreationsKaren

This cute bracelet can be personalised.

Staffy Tote Bag

Image by Animalyser

This tote bag makes for a great fun gift and ships from Sydney.

Gift Ideas For Your Staffy Dog

If you’re looking for Christmas presents for Staffies, a birthday gift, a gotcha day present, or simply a “just-because” present, below are some great options to get you inspired!

Hide and Seek Toy

Image by Outward Hound

Hide and seek toys are known to sharpen our dog’s natural instincts.

Kong Wobbler

Image by KONG

Many furparents’ favourite type of Kong!

Toy Box

Image by Zenify

Like some variety? Why not get a toys gift box!

Dog Water Bottler

Image by Zenify

These bottles are known to make it super easy to keep our dogs hydrated.

Staffy Ball

Image by Aussie Dog

This Staffy Ball has been designed to as tough and durable as your dog and comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.


Image by Lickimat

Licking can help your dog to calm down more easily.

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