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5 Cool Dog Jumpers For Staffies

5 Cool Dog Jumpers For Staffies

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When looking for dog jumpers for Staffies, the most important thing is to be mindful of your dog’s welfare.

A dog jumper can help keep our Staffies warm on cold days, but it’s not natural for our dogs to wear items of clothing, and we really shouldn’t make our pets feel uncomfortable. 

The RSPCA points out that a lot of dog apparel is made of synthetic fibres, such as polyester, which can cause our dogs to heat up very quickly.

This can lead to overheating amongst other things, so be mindful when you dress up your dog.

Don’t do it if the weather is hot, for longer periods of time, or if your dog appears to be uncomfortable. 

If in doubt, discuss your concerns with your local vet or qualified dog trainer, rather than researching generalised advise on the internet.

That said, if you’re looking for dog jumpers for Staffies because you know your Staffy will be comfortable wearing one on cold days, below are 5 great picks for Australians!

Australian Footy Dog Jumper For Staffies

Image by WiggleWagznKaz | From $55 on Etsy | Ships from NSW
  • Footy Favs Collection for dogs, the pawfect supporter set for your four-legged friend
  • Lots of different teams and sets available

The Lumberjack Dog Jumpers For Staffies

Image by TheSophisticatedPet | From $34.95 on Etsy | Ships from Sydney
  • Handmade with love in Sydney from polar fleece
  • Available in different sizes as well as custom sizes on request

Pink Dog Hoodie Jumper

Image by PetHaus | From $54.95 on Etsy | Ships from Melbourne
  • Designed in Australia to fit all breeds
  • Extra cozy thick fleece for warmth
  • Unique cut designed for extra comfort
  • Harness hole to make walkies easy

Staffy Winter Coat Jacket

Image by WufWufStore | From $97.43 on Etsy | Ships from Russia
  • Custom waterproof coat made to your specifications
  • Available in different colours

Fall Plaid Green Staffy Sweater

Image by JAXandMOLLYS | From $50.80 on Etsy | Ships from the US
  • Made from soft and warm fleece
  • Available in different sizes (different styles are available too!)
  • Chic and classy

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