5 Dog-Friendly Beaches Near Melbourne: The Best Spots for Your Pooch

Looking for a dog-friendly beach near Melbourne? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the best spots for you and your furry friend to enjoy some sun and sand. From Port Melbourne to Mentone, these beaches are sure to please both you and your pup. So pack up your sunscreen, water, and snacks, and head out for a day at the beach with your best friend!

Can dogs go to the beach in Melbourne?

Yes, there are some great dog-friendly beaches around Melbourne. Keep in mind that not all beaches are dog-friendly, and sometimes dog-friendly beaches take a break from being dog-friendly for certain times of the year.

To double-check if a beach is dog-friendly, you can read the sign at the entrance of the beach, or check with the local council.

Which beach in Melbourne can you take dogs to?

Here are some of the many great dog-friendly beaches around Melbourne:

  • Port Melbourne dog beach (5.7km from the CBD)
  • St Kilda dog beach (6.5km from the CBD)
  • Brighton dog-friendly beach (12.5km from the CBD)
  • P A Burns Reserve (16.3km from the CBD)
  • Mentone dog-friendly beach (22.5km from the CBD)

Dog Friendly Beach – Brighton

Here’s everything you need to know about the dog-friendly beach in Brighton:

  • This beach often has an exposed sandbar so you can take your pup out in shallow waters
  • Exits are gated so no dogs can escape
  • Waste bags and bins are provided to keep the beach clean
  • No water hose station to rinse off your dog before leaving
  • Parking is scarce, there is no designated area to park. But if you’re up for a nice scenic walk, you can park at Elwood Beach and head down from there.

Dog Friendly Beach – Mentone

All you need to know about the dog-friendly beach in Mentone:

  • This dog-friendly beach near Melbourne is long and sandy with shallow water
  • There are more beaches nearby that allow dogs to be off-leash during certain times of the day and year, such as the popular Chelsea beach
  • Public toilets are at the car park and surf club
  • There can be lots of seaweed in the water sometimes
  • No shower or water hose station to rinse off your dog before leaving.

Port Melbourne – Dog Beach

Here’s what’s good to know about the Port Melbourne dog beach:

  • It’s a small beach with pedestrian and bicycle traffic on adjacent paths
  • Parking is normally easy and toilets are nearby, as well as a coffee shop
  • It can get quite busy, especially in spring and summer. Try to go early in the morning if you want to avoid crowds.

St Kilda – Dog Beach

All you need to know about the St Kilda dog beach near Melbourne:

P A Burns Reserve (Altona Dog Beach)

  • Large off leash dog beach with lots of car parking spaces
  • Tables and benches for picnics and an ample grass area for dogs to run around
  • No undercover areas to protect from sun or rain
  • Bins and taps and waste bags at the entrance to the beach

Dog Beach Etiquette

To keep our beaches clean and to guarantee an inclusive, enjoyable experience for everyone, there are a few things to keep in mind when visiting a dog beach near Melbourne. 

  • Don’t forget to pick up after your dog.

Please don’t be *that* person and bring a poop bag, just in case. If you don’t like them floating around in your handbag, consider getting a dog waste bag holder to clip on your leash.

  • Your off-leash dog should be under your effective voice control at all times.

This means that your dog shouldn’t run around off-leash if its recall isn’t good. If your dog doesn’t come back when you call it, keep practising your recall before you let your dog explore its surroundings off-leash. We understand that this frustrates some people, but it’s a council regulation in most places and it’s for your everyones safety, including you and your dog.

  • Have fun and communicate effectively

We live in a beautiful part of the world and we get to visit amazing beaches together with our dogs. Enjoy your time, be friendly to others, and remain calm if something unexpected happens. Life isn’t perfect, but a lot of drama can be prevented if we just speak to strangers in the same way we want to be spoken to.

What To Bring

Be sure to bring towels for both you and your dog, maybe a tennis ball or frisbee, and a sun umbrella so that your dog has a place to hide in the shade and rest if you’re planning to stay for a long time. 

In addition, don’t let your dog drink the ocean water – the saltwater can make dogs very sick, so decrease your pup’s urge to drink from the ocean by bringing plenty of water and a portable dog bowl.

What To Wear

Keep it casual, because you might get dirty. While your pooch may be the princess of hygiene, sometimes you can’t avoid a soaking wet golden retriever bumping into you within minutes of your arrival.



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