Dog Seatbelts: Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

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Dogs are part of the family and we want to make sure they are safe in the car just like everyone else. That’s why dog seatbelts are becoming more popular as a way to keep our dogs safe on car trips.

Should dogs wear seat belts?

Legally speaking, the rules about how to secure a dog inside a car can vary across different states. You can check with your local road traffic authority to learn more about what rules may apply to you. For example, in Queensland thereโ€™s no legal requirement to restrain animals when theyโ€™re being driven.

But, itโ€™s still strongly recommended, both to keep your dog safe, and to prevent your pet from distracting you while driving, which in fact would be an offence.

So, in short, you want to keep your dog as safe as possible during car trips, but there are a few different options at your disposal to do this, and a seatbelt is one of them.

What is the safest way for a dog to travel in a car?

The safest way for a dog to travel in a car is safely restrained in the back seat, or in a crash-tested car travel crate. You can restrain your dog with a dog seatbelt, attached to a harness. To protect your car from dog hair and slobber, you can use a car seat for dogs or a car dog bed. If you have a small dog, you can also get a dog booster seat for your dog. And if your dog struggles to get inside the car, you can consider getting a dog ramp for cars.

You should never travel with your dog in the passenger seat. Air bags can kill young children riding in the front seat, and the same airbag risks apply to dogs.

Do dogs need a harness in a car?

If you use a dog seatbelt to keep your dog safely restrained in your car, it’s best to attach it to a harness, not a collar.

Where to get a dog seatbelt?

There are a few different places you can get dog seatbelts. You can buy them at most pet stores, or online from retailers like Amazon.

In general, you’ll find two different types of seatbelts for dogs:

  • the type that clips in like human seatbelts, and
  • the type that goes over the headrest instead of clipping-in.

Personally, I prefer the type that goes over the headrest, because I find it easier to attach and my dog can’t unbuckle it by accidentally stepping on it.

The downside is that if you have a heavy dog and a car that beeps when there’s weight on the seat, you’ll still have to clip in the seatbelt to stop your car from beeping.

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